My Introduction ~ In Baby Steps

There are a plethora of topics I could talk about that I’ve been through in my life. I know some people will be able to relate and have compassion. Although I also know that some people may judge me but that’s okay. I don’t mind being vulnerable when I’ve spent a lifetime learning to be comfortable in my own skin. Some people choose not to talk about their struggles, hardships and heartaches but I’ve told I wear my heart on my sleeve. Now that may be true but I don’t mind airing out my dirty laundry if it can help just one person.

In this blog I will share my challenges, lessons and life pivot points that stem from: Molestation, Rape, Run-a-way, 2 Major Careers (one inevitable and one a destiny), Domestic Violence, Health Issues, Four Marriages/Four Divorces, Depression, PTSD, Finding Spirituality-My purpose-Being true to myself-Learning to be alone-Loving myself and finally…..over coming it all! For some of you who don’t know me, it may be a shock. For those of you who do know me, it won’t.

“I’d rather have four quarters than a hundred pennies.” – Unknown

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