The Book Of Myself ~ Part 1

This evening I was going through my memorabilia stuff, from past and present, to assist me with future blogs. I came across this book, “The Book of Myself” a do it yourself autobiography in 201 questions.

I can’t remember if it was my sister or her friend that gave me this book in 2009. But I figured that in between my life experience blogs, I would also blog some of these questions I had answered a decade ago. I feel that it may enlighten all of you a little bit more about me.

Don’t worry, I won’t post 201 questions/answers all at once, so I will just do 10 at a time. And apparently, I didn’t answer all 201 questions.

Some are pretty funny and interesting… Enjoy!

1) One of mom’s traits I admired was:

Her discipline she gave us kids. I think through that, it gave me some structure in my life. I also appreciated the fact that her trait of cleanliness rubbed off onto me. Maybe a little too much?!

2) If I had any trouble with mom growing up, it was in this area:

Not always being there for me and not being close to her like a mother and a daughter should be. I remember one time she punished me and used a coffee pot cord to my back and it left welts. Oh I rather of taken a belt to my ass.

3) One of dad’s traits I admired was:

Hard worker, kindness and always joking! I admired his strength as well; to put up with a lot and hang on as long as he did, that made him my hero!

4) If, growing up, I had any trouble with dad, it was in this area:

Wishing he was like mom when it came to discipline. I remember one time my step-mother had grounded me when I was 15 and then my dad let me off right away.

5) I remember getting into trouble with my parents on this occasion:

Where do I begin (laughing)? I used to always get in trouble for stealing, like make-up or candy. One time I got in trouble because my brother and sister made me go take the “dirty” magazines from our parents room. I still don’t remember that!

6) This is how we usually ate dinner as a family:

I don’t really remember dinners with my family. Is that odd or what?!

7) My parents felt strongly about passing on these lessons:

Don’t really remember with my parents but my grandmother always told me two things:

1. There’s so much out there in the world, go see it!

2. Just when you think you have it bad, think of others who have it worse off than you.

8) This person in my family was more serious than the rest:

I think that would be my mom. Don’t remember her joking around as much as my dad. And she was strict about school, chores and punishments.

9) This person in my family was funnier than the rest:

My dad– Anyone that knew him would know why! He always had a witty/perverted sense of humor – like me! Gotta love him!

10) This present I got from my parents really sticks in my memory:

My mom and first step-father, got me a Oscar the grouch stuffed animal. Loved Oscar the grouch!

This wasn’t a present, but when I was a little girl my dad left me a note on the table “Debbie, wash dishes. I love you dad.” that always stuck in my head and I still have that note. (don’t have Oscar the grouch anymore)

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