The Book Of Myself ~ Part 2

11) What I remember about my first trip(s) to the hospital:

My first time I had to go to a hospital was… when I was little, my older sister was going out the front glass entry door, she accidentally slammed it and didn’t know I was coming out behind her.

My left arm went through the glass door and I had to get stitches. I have three areas on my arm where they gave me stitches. The one on my inner arm I call it a crescent moon or a smiley face because that’s what it looks like to me. I remember coming out of the hospital in a wheelchair and having lots of suckers to go home with. Happy kid!

12) Games I’d like to play as a child and youth were:

Connect four, battleship, chutes and ladders, checkers, monopoly, scrabble, Yahtzee, go fish, solitaire, flapjack, marbles, jacks and spin the bottle – no! Just joking 🙂

13) This is how my family celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas:

Thanksgiving and Christmas were usually the same at either house. However, I do recall getting more presents at my moms house (she had less kids to buy presents for). My favorite holiday was and still is to this day, Thanksgiving (and Halloween).

14) I want you to know this about my grandmother(s):

Dads mother: I considered her as my mother, she is the one who instilled my core morals and principles. She always believed in my gymnastics and thought I could make the Olympics. I even remember being an adult and she would tell me how she wished she had the money to get me a coach so I could’ve pursued my gymnastics. A memory I’ll always cherish is when my gram and Aunt attended my gymnastic show in junior high when no one else did.

Moms mother: I member going fishing with her and my step-grandfather, hanging out at small bars and on Sundays after church, going to the same restaurant where I always looked forward to getting my saganaki!

15) I want you to no this about my grandfather(s):

Dads father: I didn’t really know him. All I remember of him is that he smoked and was kind of mean. The last thing I remember about him, was the EMTs taking him out on a gurney when he passed away at home.

Moms Dad: Don’t remember much of him. There was one time when I was younger that he had ask my grandmother if I can move in with him and his wife. That never transpired and I don’t remember why. Otherwise, when I was older my siblings and mother went to go visit him. The first comment out of his mouth was, weren’t you the one that owed me money. I said no, wrong grandchild. Never spoke to him again, then he passed away not too long after.

16) If I remember anything about my great-grandparents it is this:

Never met them, I think they passed away before I was born. I know my great-grandfather (on my dad side) was in the circus and acted in some major plays in Vaudeville (Susie Wung, 80 days around the world and Teahouse of the August Moon); his wife was in the circus as well. This is where I inherited the Japanese from.

17) The country or countries my ancestors came from were:

Czech, Japan, Germany, Ireland and Poland

18) One of my favorite TV programs was:

I had a lot of them! The Hardy boys, Nancy Drew mysteries, Happy Days (loved the Fonz and met him when I was older), Laverne and Shirley, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Inspector gadget, Gidget…..

19) In the afternoon after school I used to:

Watch TV or go play outside. Sometimes I would make ramps with my friends and jump them with my BMX bicycle. I also loved doing wheelies or riding backwards on the handlebars on my bike. Hanging out with my older brother and hunting for snakes in the prairie is another fun thing I remember doing. And I loved my cartoons: Casper the friendly ghost, Chilly Willy and Woody Woodpecker.

I know some of these questions are silly, but it think they’ll give you an idea of my environment and foundation that molded me.

Enjoy, until Part 3! 😉😁

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