The Book Of Myself ~ Part 3

20) What I liked about my siblings was:

Even though they teased me when I was younger, which eventually stopped… I liked the fact that my older sister and brother took care of me like we all had each other’s back!

21) People describe me as a child in this way:

My dad always said when I was little that I was quiet and played on my own. My grandmother always said that I was and could’ve of been great at gymnastics and made the Olympics.

22) This person significantly influenced my life growing up:

My grandmother and my dad. My mom instilled some traits in me but I think it’s my dad and grandma that have made me who I am today – well, besides all the experiences I’ve been through too.

23) My best friend during childhood was:

I don’t seem to really have had a best friend. Maybe because we moved a lot and lived back-and-forth with each parent.

24) I admire this friend because of the following talents:

There were these three girls in junior high, they were more like acquaintances than friends. They were in my gymnastic class and I envied how they were so good at it because they had a coach. I unfortunately didn’t have a coach and I had to learn everything myself. However, my grandmother taught me how to do a backbend. She would have me stand with my back against the wall, a couple feet away from it and have me walk my hands down the wall. Best coach ever!

25) I was generally popular or unpopular because:

I was popular because I was friendly and got along with everyone. However, I did have a few fistfights when I was younger because some girls didn’t like that I was friends with their boyfriends. Well…

26) I remember this birthday party I had with my friends:

I honestly only remember one birthday party. It was at my grandmothers house and I was eight or nine. We had played, pin the tail on the donkey and a game where you would kneel on a chair backwards and try dropping a wooden clothespin in the milk bottle.

27) If my parents had only known I did this forbidden thing with my friends:

I think I was in fifth grade, my friends and I would go to the park and smoke cigarettes. We used to keep a pack of cigarettes in a tree trunk there. My dad did find out…. and I was given the choice to either smoke a whole pack of cigarettes or eat the cigarettes in one sitting. Thank goodness I didn’t have to do either!

28) One of my most memorable teachers in elementary school was:

My mother’s Uncles wife. I had her as a teacher, I just can’t remember what grade except that I was very young.

29) I had a lot of fun with this subject in elementary school:

Art class, loved being creative and making things. I remember drawing a picture of Beetle Bailey on this big poster board and giving it to my mom. I use to love drawing, one of my Dads sisters was good at drawing… maybe that’s where I got my drawing talents from.

30) I had some trouble with this subject in junior high or high school:

Math and English, the two you need the most! I remember being in reading and math labs because I couldn’t seem to do well with class work in big classrooms.

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