The Book Of Myself ~ Part 4

31) I really enjoyed these activities in junior high or high school:

Junior high – I was active in track, gymnastics and art. I once tried out for cheerleading but decided it wasn’t my thing.

High school – I enjoyed being in chorus with my older sister and that’s where I got my H.S. letter. Not to mention, the most fun I had was freshman year!

32) When I was very young I thought I would be this when I grew up:

I had always thought I would be a fight attendant (because I like to travel) or a cop (because of my dad).

33) If I didn’t graduate from high school it was because:

I was such a little rebel. Not to mention that I don’t think I had a lot of structure when I was a teen. I dropped out of high school after sophomore year. Went back during senior year but dropped out again. I ended up in my early 20s getting my GED.

34) This is why I did or did not go to college:

I couldn’t afford it, nobody said I had to go and I was running away a lot or taking off traveling. Eventually in my 30s, I ended up going to college and getting an associate degree in criminal justice.

35) If I attended college/trade school, these were my achievements:

Travel School (3.8 GPA): Class work, like airport codes and Geography, came easy to me because of all the traveling I had done prior.

Personal fitness trainer certificate: I put hard work into getting this certificate and at the time, I enjoyed working out. However, I realized that it was easier to train myself than others.

Medical School (4.0 GPA): I enjoyed learning and was intrigued on how the physiology and kinesiology of the body worked.

Criminal Justice (3.6 GPA/Cum Laude): This was probably my biggest achievement ever! To see all the hard work I put into my studies pay off while I was pretty much a single mom working 2-3 jobs and putting myself through college – even though I was never able to use this degree because of a drunk driver accident.

36) This is one of the most important things about life I learned in school:

This part will be in a future blog…

I was 14, still a virgin and was raped. After that incident and being in the hospital, I eventually went back to school. Most of the people I thought were my friends turned against me. Some said they thought I was dead and some thought it was my fault. Big big life lesson learned about people.

37) These were my favorite sports in school:

Kickball, flag football, basketball, agility courses, softball and of course gymnastics!

38) My elementary and high schools could be described as:

All public except when I was younger, I went to a Catholic school. I remember having CCD classes but don’t think I ever did my communion.

39) My religious training growing up was:

Roman Catholic. During my 30s I briefly got into Messianic teachings (Torah/Jewish holidays/Observing Sabbath). In my 40s I became agnostic, If i believed in anything, it was a higher power and to just be a good person to others. Also in my late 30’s, I had spent four years on studying the Catholic, Jewish and Christian Religions… I’m still confused. 🤷🏻‍♀️

40) What I enjoyed doing most after school was:

Elementary – just hanging out with my friends and never wanting to come inside the house.

High school – going up to the mall, seeing a movie, going to the arcade or just hanging outside the mall with friends. I also loved going to the carnivals when they were in town.

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