The Book Of Myself ~ Part 6

53) I remember the birth(s) of my children:

I have been pregnant four times. The first two I miscarried, then I gave birth to my beautiful son, then I had another miscarriage.

I remember with my son, I was packed for weeks waiting for his birth! He was due in October but apparently he didn’t want to come out into this crazy world (laughing). He finally decided he was ready to come out in November 1991.

I didn’t have an epidural and the medication they gave me, I ended up throwing up. So I guess you can say that I had him naturally. The week before I gave birth to him, I was dilated to 3cm and he still didn’t want to come out. When I finally went into labor, I remember the doctor putting a suction cup on his head, two nurses pushing on my stomach and me bearing down with the doctor trying to pull him out. His shoulder got stuck on my pelvic bone and then they threw an oxygen mask on me because his heartbeat was dropping. The first thing the doctor told him when he was born (captured on video too) was, “You gave us a hard time! We are going to make your middle name H, for a Hulk Hogan. And your mom peed on me.” I loved that doctor, too funny!

54) I remember these funny incidents about my son when he was young:

He had long blonde curly hair and at times, some people thought he was a girl. I would joke around and call him Rachel, for the little girl I always wanted. When he was around two or three, he could say dealership, I knew I had a smart kid on my hands! When he was four he would go up to the front door on the inside, hang on it like he was leaving and say, “People don’t love me.” Don’t even know where that came from. That kid, love him!

55) Some of the things I loved doing with my family were:

When I was younger, I loved going to Santa’s Village with my dad. I also enjoyed going to work with my dad, because that meant I got to spend extra time with him. With my grandma and aunt, it was going to Baraboo circus (both of my great-grandparents were in the circus) and Wisconsin Dells.

56) This was a particularly memorable vacation with my loved ones:

I believe it was 2002 and I was married to my third husband. My husband, son and I met up with my older brother and his family in Chattanooga, TN. We stayed at a KOA (in tents) and went to Ruby Falls and Rock city, so much fun! Apparently my Puerto Rican husband did not like the outdoors or humidity and had us go to a Kmart and get him a fan for the tent (laughing).

57) This was the time I got very angry with my child:

When I was living at my dads my son disrespected my father. I was taught not to disrespect my elders and I wouldn’t allow my son to do it either, especially to my father.

Another time was when I was living in Columbia, South Carolina. I decorated my sons room to the hilt and he was unappreciative of it. I grew up with nothing and the fact he didn’t appreciate all that he had at such a young age angered me. I told him that he was lucky to have what he did because there are kids out there with nothing.

58) This health problem was very scary for my family:

Me – in 2007 attempted suicide. I had attempted suicide in High School but after my dad committed suicide in 2006, I had attempted it 6 times. If it wasn’t for my older sister, when I attempted it the 6th time, I wouldn’t be here…telling my story. Thanks sis! XO

My dad having a stroke and triple bypass surgery.

My mom with her MS and cancer.

59) This was a serious accident I remember:

I think I was 17. My friend and I went to someone’s house one evening. We went to go get a snack at the gas station. On the way back, this guy was pulling out from a bar and he hit us on my side, I was the passenger. As my friend and the guy went to go call the police, I was leaning in from my side of the car to the drivers floor to get her purse. I heard something from the back of the car, I looked out the back window and just froze. Someone hit me from behind doing 55 mph. I hit my head on the windshield and got thrown out of the car. I ended up with whiplash and messed up my back, which I had to wear a neck and back brace for awhile.

60) We had these pets:

As a child – at my moms we had a black lab named Pepper, I really loved that dog!

At my dad’s – we had several cats and dogs but my dad would always take them on road trips and come back without them.

My animals – my first cat was gizmo but I ended up giving him away. Patches was my second cat that I got when I was married to my first husband. When I got divorced, I left Patches with my ex-husband because he became attached to him.  Other dogs I have had were: a Dashhound named Zeus. Miniature Alaskan named Kendra and Chow named Keisha.

My recent animals are Mylo, Bailey (dogs), Spooky and Bones (cats). In my last divorce to my fourth ex-husband, he got Bailey and Bones and I got Mylo and Spooky. Months later, Spooky ended passing away from cancer and Mylo resides currently with my older sister.

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