The Book Of Myself ~ Part 5

41) I remember theses chores growing up:

Cleaning my bedroom, vacuuming and doing dishes by hand, which I didn’t care for doing. Reason being, my grandma would always, almost always, have me re-wash the dishes because they would still be dirty.

42) My first job for pay was:

When I was 14 years old I worked with my father at his plumbing business. I can’t really say it was work, because sometimes he would have me just sit in his work truck and answer the phone. There was this one time, during the winter, he had me sit in the truck as he was outside in the freezing cold trying to dig up frozen ground. I felt so bad.

However, I do remember being a benefit to my father’s business… Sometimes if he got a digger (plumber terminology), the customer (usually a man) would ask if I was coming back with him (laughing).

There is this one time when I worked with my dad that stands out, to this day I find it hysterical. We were in the basement of this lady’s house where he was rodding out a main line. He stuck his hand and most of his forearm in and up into this pipe. He had a hold of something and thought he was going to pull out this big tree trunk root and proudly show it off to the customer. As he was pulling the object out of the pipe, he got his first visual of it… he screamed and threw it across the room! It wasn’t a tree root, it was actually a dead squirrel! Silly Dad…

Eventually, I did get a job down the street at McDonald’s.

43) I enjoyed this particular work assignment:

In my late 30s I had a seasonal job at the Bucks stadium working as a bartender in the clubhouse. It was different and I loved doing the holiday parties there at the stadium. I got to meet a lot of fun people and a few sport celebrities. One event that stood out to me was bartending at the Mike Alstott retirement party. I got a hundred dollar tip from one of the Bucs players and a co-worker and I got invited to the after party. So much fun!

44) I remember this about my mother’s work and responsibilities:

The only thing I remember is when she was a nurse and would work long hours. I did think she looked cool in her white nursing uniform with that paper hat!

45) I remember this about my father’s work and responsibilities:

I remember that my dad was a trick of all trades! He would do anything he could to support his family. He was always a hard worker and I was proud of him for having that trait!

46) I liked this kind of music and these musicians growing up:

I always liked classical, 80s rock and oldies but goodies (Motown). Some of my favorite bands were: Journey, Queensryche, Loverboy, Hardline, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, almost anything Motown, Elvis Presley, Janet and Michael Jackson, Foreigner, Rick Springfield and crooner music. I could go on and on. But I can say this for sure, my least favorite was thrash metal and heavy rap.

47) My clothes fashions of my childhood was:

OMG, not the greatest! When I was younger, my mom used to dress me and my older sister like twins. When we lived with my dad’s mom, we would get hand-me-downs from my Great-Aunt. As a teen it was black suede shoes, jeans and my black leather jacket. However, when I was in my late 20’s and living in California, I was into sexy business suits and skirts. Overall, I wasn’t really fashionable with my clothes, I was too much of a tom-boy.

48) Some of my favorite Hollywood actors and actresses were:

Sean Connery – he’s a great actor and I think he is so sophisticated.

Shawn Cassidy – had a crush on him when he was on the Hardy boys.

Rick Springfield – another crush (General Hospital).

Betty White – she always made me laugh! Loved her on the Golden girls.

Kathleen Turner – I just love and admired her, especially in Jewel of the Nile!

Judy Garland – Who doesn’t love her?!

49) I remember when these technological advances were made:

Cell phone – my first cell phone was so big and heavy! I could’ve hurt someone with it because it weighed like a rock.

Beeper/pagers – just thought it was the strangest thing.

Computers – overwhelmed, but it was because there was so much stuff to learn on it. DOS drive… 🤔

50) My world consisted of this geographical area:

Chicago, where I lived, Wisconsin, where my Aunt and grandmother would take us kids to see the Dells and Baraboo circus.

After the age of 17, I traveled all over the US. I had visited at least 40 states; Bahamas; Calgary and Toronto, Canada; Oahu, Molokai and the main island of Hawaii; Amsterdam; London; and Switzerland.

Also, by the time I was 38, I had lived in California, Arizona, Texas, South Carolina and Florida.

51) One of my mom’s strongest characteristics was:

Her strictness on chores and having all my clothes and things out the night before school. I think in one way, this helped me form some structure in my life.

52) One of my dad’s strongest traits was:

His courage to get through anything! His preservation for his family, work ethics and strength. My dad was amazing to me! The day he had his stroke was the first time I’ve ever seen him weak, helpless and scared.

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