The Book Of Myself ~ Part 7

61) My parents played this kind of grandparent role to my child:

My son and I didn’t live in Chicago while he was growing up. We actually lived in California and Florida, so my parents role to my son was a long-distance one. However, they always did send him cards, gifts or call for his birthday and holidays. We also tried to visit them as much as we could. When we lived in Florida, he had his dad’s parents as role models. It was nice that he had some grandparents around when he was young and they would spend almost every weekend together.

62) This is the part of my parenting I am particularly proud of:

In 1996, I gave up my career (modeling/acting) in California and moved to Florida to be with my son. However, I did end up going to Chicago for a while and then coming back to Florida in 1998. I lived in Florida for 19 years, which is the longest I’ve ever stayed in one place! My reason for staying put for so long? I had promised my son that I would never be a part-time mom to him again, and I wasn’t.

63) This is the part of my parenting where I think I could’ve done better:

Me thinking that being in that same room with my son was spending time with him. I wished I had spent more quality time with him and had a little more patience back then.

64) This was a lonely birthday for me without my family:

I spent a lot birthdays without my family because I lived out of state pretty much all my life. When I had a birthday, I would just buy myself a cake to make me feel better. Always loved cakes with whip cream frosting!

65) True friendship to me means:

Loyalty, lending an ear when I need to vent, giving me corrective criticism and not sugar coating things. Also, not judging me and just being there for me to lean on…and all those things are vice versa!

66) This person helped to save my life:

In 2007 – six months after my dad committed suicide, I attempted it too, five times. This one particular time, I apparently sent my sisters son a text message saying, “I’m sorry, I’m going to go be with grandpa.” Apparently I drank a huge bottle of wine and took almost 100 narcotics. My sister said I was in a semi coma for three days. The doctor said what I did was equivalent to shooting myself. I was told that when the police arrived at my house, the door was unlocked and they found me unconscious on the couch with my dads police jacket on me and my gun loaded in my bedroom. If it wasn’t for my sister calling my local police to check on me, I wouldn’t be here today telling my story. I am so grateful and thankful for my older sister! ❤️

67) When I think of compassion and goodness I think of this person:

My dad’s mother. She had a lot of patience with people. She always would try to see the good in everyone. And her heart was bigger than anyone I know!

68) I have always felt that this person betrayed me even though I was always loyal to him/her:

A girlfriend of mine I had known since I was 16, came to Florida in 2004 with her youngest daughter. I talked my my first ex-husband into having her stay at his house till she got on her feet. While she was briefly staying at his house, she racked up a $400 phone bill. And to top that, I had also found out that she lied to me… When I divorced my second ex-husband (who mentally and physically abused me), I told her not to talk to him anymore. I had found out that not only she was still talking to him, she was having sex with him too. And if that wasn’t a disappointment, she had left me a really nasty letter about me not being a good mom or friend. I thought to myself, I’ve been stationary with my son for years and she’s living in a van with her young daughter. I had even got her a place to stay…who’s not being a good role model for their kid?

69) This is a Sport I most enjoyed watching or attending with friends:

Football (Steelers). I had only been to one game in the early 90s when I lived in Tampa, the Bucs vs Broncos. But I have been to a few more games since then. My third ex-husband was a scout for the White Sox, so I eventually started to enjoy baseball too. Occasionally I would go on the road with him to see the high school and college games that he was scouting. Didn’t think I’d enjoy it but I did! My son was also in soccer when he was little. I remember going with him to one of the Tampa Bay Rowdies game…I ended up enjoying that sport too!

70) This subject I always wanted to learn more about as an adult but never did was:

Space – I always wanted to know about how the stars, galaxies and planets were formed. How far did space go? What is the atmosphere on other planets like? How did we know what to build that would survive going into space? How did we know what kind of suits to wear in space? And how did we know that when we re-entered the Earths atmosphere, it had to be at a precise time? So many questions for a little kid (laughing)!

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