Gypsy Girl Roaming

With gypsy blood running through my veins and my grandmother instilling in me, there are so many things to see in the world – go see it. That was just the perfect formula for my next pivot point in my life. From the age of 16 to 18, I was roaming all over the place, going from job to job and continually going back-and-forth from Chicago to LA.

When I was 19 years old I ended up moving to Miami and living with a friend from Chicago and her mom. I didn’t live there long but had some good memories from that place. We had lived in a high-rise condo off of 5th and Brickle, which was amazing! From our balcony we could see Key Biscayne and if you overlooked that, you can see the cruise ships floating by in the ocean. We both worked at this body wrapping salon and these hotdog cart stands where we had to wear bikinis. Her stand was in downtown Miami and mine was on the corner of the entrance to Key Biscayne. Our weekends consisted of going to Ft. Lauderdale, walking up and down the strip or going to the clubs. I had taken one vacation with my friend, her mom and her moms boyfriend to Key West (Islamorada), which would be my first time in the Keys. My girlfriend and I met these two guys while there and we ended up going sailing on their catamaran and then later in the evening partying with them. I was 19 years old with no cares in the world and experiencing what life had to offer at that present time.

While living in Miami, there was one event that stood out from the others that I’ll never forget. The Monsters of Rock tour was in town with Dokken, the Scorpions and Van Halen. We had left work early to see this concert in hopes of meeting the band Dokken, yes, we had big dreams (laughing). However, here is the kicker, we didn’t have tickets for the show but that didn’t matter to us because we would find some way to get in. I recall us going to the back of the venue, walking around and scoping out the place in hopes to find someone to get us in. We started talking to this guy who apparently was a roadie, he took us to the area where the tour buses were. Next thing you know, her and I are on the Scorpions tour bus! We chatted for awhile with the roadies, they gave us a tour of the bus and then we went walking around back stage. A security guy stopped us and asked to see our backstage passes but obviously we couldn’t provide them so he directed us out from that area. You would think at this point we would have got kicked out of that concert but we didn’t… he sent us into the concert area, floor section, a few rows from the stage. Van Halen was on stage playing at this time and I was so in shock of how everything was perfectly orchestrated for my friend and I, that I don’t recall all the details of this event because I was floating on cloud 9.

My girlfriend and I didn’t stay long because we decided to go on a mission, which was to get to Coconut Grove and find out where the band Dokken was staying. After an hour of walking around Coconut Grove, we decided to admit defeat of our mission and just go home. We walked into this one hotel and had the guy at the front desk call us a cab. As we were waiting in the lobby for the cab, we heard this group of people coming through, it was Van Halen! We knew there was no way we could ever meet them so we stuck with our previous defeat and to just go home. Not as two seconds gone by when I got into the cab, this guys comes out of the hotel and says, “Hey, do you want to meet Sammy?” Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what our reply was! So I get out of the cab and we follow this guy through the lobby and to a hotel room. The guy knocked on the door and there he was in the flesh, Sammy Hagar! As we made our way into his room, Sammy ended up sitting at the head of the bed, I sat on the corner of it and my girlfriend made herself at home on the couch. Here we were just chilling with Sammy Hagar, him talking about his sport cars and the song, I can’t drive 55.  And to top that off, we all ended up watching a movie, Peggy Sue Got Married. He was the first Rockstar I had ever met, he was nice and kind to us and he even gave me a OU812 tour tank top to have as a souvenir. We didn’t stay too long because he had a sore throat and needed some sleep. So we said our goodbyes to him and he sent us over to Eddie’s room, where he was a little more amped up than Sammy. I’m not sure if he was on something or had been drinking but I thought his behavior was a bit bizarre. I remember looking at this guitar pic on his guitar and asking him if I could have one. He started mumbling something about his guitars, how he designed it and I couldn’t have it. I told him I was talking about having a guitar pic not one of his guitars, he just started laughing. For some reason I started to feel comfortable and curious, so I went to look in his fridge for a drink. He started to tell me that he drinks the mini vodkas and refills them with water, not sure why he needed to tell me that but who was I to judge?! The next thing I knew we were spending the night with Eddie Van Halen. My girlfriend stayed in his room and I got placed in the adjoining room. I felt like I was the fifth wheel and got sent to the corner (laughing). I remember that room being cold and there was no blanket in there but somehow I made due. At this point, my unplanned but adventurous evening was coming to an end so I decided to go wash up before calling it a night. As I went to go wash my face, there was all of Eddies toiletries layed out on the bathroom counter. I found myself laughing because as my eyes sifted through his toiletries I came across this toothbrush that was so huge it looked like it should be used on a  horse not a human. And as if I thought that was strange, I saw some Ponds cold cream, I thought to myself, is this what Rockstar’s really use? Hey, once again, who am I to judge. So, this would be my first experience meeting Rockstar’s but it defiantly was not my last…

At the age of 20 and no intentions of it being part of my plan, I ended up back home again. While at home, I started dating this guy for a few weeks and one day he decided he wanted to move to San Francisco. So with no hesitation and the Gypsy blood that is always ready to be on the move, I made the decision to go with him. We drove to San Francisco and ended up living in the Oakland area. We had only been there for a week and he decided for some reason to go down to LA. for a few days. My intuition knew that I was meant to go to L.A., so I talked him into taking me with him. When we were packing up his car I remember him asking me why I was taking all my belongings when we were just going to be there for a few days. Well, as a girl with Gypsy blood, we do and say what need be to fulfill our intuition. I quickly made up some story of why I wanted my belongings with me and he said nothing after that.

Once we got to L.A., I’m not sure how but I ended up departing from him. So here I was now on Sunset strip with my suitcase in hand, nowhere to live and not much money on me. It’s funny how sometimes the universe can be kind, I ended up running into this guy that I knew from back home and he let me stay with him for a little while. I eventually acquired new friends on Sunset strip and started dating this guy from one of the local bands. While I was dating him, he was renting out a room from a house just north of L.A. I would stay with him here and there until we ended up getting an apartment together. I dated him for a while and then one night on Sunset strip I met this guy from one of the popular bands on the strip. Without going into lengthy details, I started seeing that guy. I’m not good with lies so I ended up telling my current boyfriend about him. We worked out an agreement that I would stay there and just roommate with him till I found somewhere else to live. Not too long after that, I ended up getting an apartment with one of my girlfriends in Sherman Oaks. I was seeing this new guy for awhile until one day I found out I was pregnant. I had called my step-mother and she said to just come home, have the baby, she would take care of it and I can just go back to L.A. Apparently that’s not what the universe had planned for me because into my first trimester, I had a miscarriage. This would be my second miscarriage, the guy that I moved out to Southern California for would be the first time I had gotten pregnant and miscarried.

“A hungry stomach, an empty wallet and a broken heart teach you the most valuable lessons in life.” ~ Unknown

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