Weekly Flygirl Fix ~ May 26, 2019


Hope your week and Memorial Day weekend were relaxing, fun, productive and always…safe!

The beginning of my week started off a little bit of a bummer. I’ve had several neck surgeries in the past which means I have to be real cautious with my neck. On my last trip we hit some turbulence which caused my neck to feel some discomfort, so I ended up calling off for my following trip. However the following day I ended up going to Urgent Care but it wasn’t for my neck. For the past few weeks I’ve been having nasal congestion and problems with my TMJ. Well apparently I had a sinus infection (flight attendants life lol) which caused my TMJ to flare up. So with meds in my system and me just relaxing, by the end of the week I started to feel a bit better. I have to say, it’s not fun when you can hardly open your mouth to eat or brush your teeth!

Luckily when I started to feel a bit better, my boyfriend took me for Sushi and to see the long awaited John Wick 3 movie. I’m a big John Wick fan but wasn’t too impressed with the new movie just released. There was a lot of action which I loved but the story line seemed short to me. Also the way the movie ended, it looked as if there will be a part 4. I just hope if there is a John Wick 4 (which I’ll still go see) that it has a little more of a story line than that of John Wick 3.

As far as my holiday weekend…it was uneventful because of my neck and not feeling well. And although I wasn’t running around the block in circles, that didn’t stop me from being productive. I ended up working on my flight schedule for next month; watch movies at home; took my meds and rested; put together some rough drafts for my next topic blog and putting together my itinerary for going back home to Chicago next month to take care of some personal things. I think if it wasn’t for my boyfriend taking me for two “date nights,” one being sushi/movie and the other to enjoy a juicy prime rib and some good conversation… I probably would of went stir crazy!

Overall, my highlight for the week was me going to see a Spiritual Healer for the first time. I’ve been seeing a therapist here in Vegas for a year now because of my father’s suicide that happened over 10 years ago. My therapist had referred me to this Spiritual Healer (which took me a year to get an appt. with her) in hopes that I would get some kind of closure on his death and to figure out what my purpose/destiny really was here in this life time. I have to admit, I am always a bit skeptical with anything but I have learned over the years that I need to keep an open mind to everything! The 90 minute session with the Spiritual Healer was very interesting and a bit emotional. We had touched basis on my fathers death and tapped into what my purpose may be here and what type of Spiritual person I am. Let’s just say that she gave me a lot to think about and digest. However, I walked away from that session with a little more understanding of my life and a bit more sense of peace with certain situations past and present.

Until next week….

Enjoy each day like it’s your last, appreciate the little things, and always spread kindness… because you never know who’s life you may touch in that brief moment.

Hugz & Kisses,


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