Weekly Flygirl Fix ~ June 2, 2019


Hope everyone had a nice week and weekend!

This was a good week for me but it also came with some interesting challenges and teachings. I started my week off going to my favorite coffee place with a co-worker, twice! It had been awhile since we seen each other so the conversation was well diverse. She is also moving back to Florida so spending as much quality girl time was a must!

Also this week, I met my boyfriends Dad and step-mother for the first time. We have been dating for almost two months and we hadn’t really been rushing to meet either one’s family. The visit involved an amazing dinner cooked by his step-mom along with some great conversation. They use to live in Chicago for a few years and me being a Chicago native….well, you can guess what the majority of our conversation was about. Overall, the evening seem to go perfectly and it was really nice getting to know his Dad and step-mother.

I had spent a majority of the week racking my brain trying to figure out my June work schedule. As well as working on my itinerary for my trip back to Chicago to take care of a few personal things. By the time mid-week hit it was already time to decompress so I pampered myself and got a massage. My boyfriend had to go out of town for work so at the last minute he invited me to go with him to California.

We ended up driving to California and spending two days out there. The following day after he was done with work, we took a drive to Laguna Beach. His sister use to live out there and when she passed away they laid her ashes at sea off of that beach. He told me that any time he’s out that way he goes to a specific area on that beach to throw sun flowers (her favorite) into the ocean. I was grateful and happy to be a part of that ritual that he does in honor of his love for his sister.

On Friday we started our drive back home but just as we pasted Baker, CA. the car ended up breaking down. Apparently some sort of belt broke and caused the car to quickly over heat. We pulled over to the side of the highway, called the tow truck company and waited…. for three hours. My boyfriend was suppose to be at his mom’s house that evening too. Now you would think he or myself would be upset with the timing of that situation but we weren’t. We took a negative situation and turned it around.

As we were waiting for the tow truck we were talking about how maybe the Universe didn’t want us on the road. That maybe if we didn’t break down that something else could of happened. We then started talking about the positive things in this situation. Like how it wasn’t insanely hot and at least we had a breeze. Or how this situation could of been worse and that at least we had each other to keep company. In the midst of our discussion we realized that we were quite fortunate to have stopped at Costco while in California. We had gotten a few items to take home with us, like a big bottle of vodka, tequila, wine and two cases of bottled water.

After an hour of waiting for the tow truck we decided to crack open the bottle of wine, munch on some beef jerky that he just got when we stopped in Baker, CA. and make the best of the situation. I also wanted to entertain myself so I did some Snapchat pix and a live Instagram video of our situation. By the time the tow truck came the day was winding down and the sun was setting… it was then that we realized not only the positive stuff previously mentioned but that we were both graced with a beautiful sunset in the desert.

It did turn out to be a longer day than anticipated but we finally made it home safely. We were sitting on the couch discussing how the day unfolded for us and how there was a lesson to be learned. Our lesson was that even in a sticky situation we can turn it around, find comedy in it and that we would always have each others back.

So on that note and until next week…

Always remember that no matter what obstacle life throws your way, you can always turn it around. Just stay positive!

Hugz & Kisses,


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