Weekly Flygirl Fix ~ July 1, 2019


Sorry that this post is a day late but I ended up taking a last minute trip to Sedona. I hope everyone had a great weekend and your Monday is off to a great start!

The last few weeks have been very challenging for me emotionally. For some reason, since I’ve moved to Vegas I’ve been dealing with abandonment issues from my fathers suicide. Abandonment issues that I thought I had already worked through for the past few years. I’m using all resources accessible to me that I can possibly think of in hopes to clarify why these issues are arising again. I know in time I’ll figure it out and I have some great people here to help and support me. So on that note, I’m taking it one day at a time.

One of my resources of healing is grounding myself. At the last minute and on the approach of my fathers death date… my boyfriend and I decided to go to Sedona and have me do that. I had also decided to take my fathers ashes with me and put some on a vortex tree. Not sure why I wanted to do that but that’s what my heart was telling me. 

Now some may believe in coincidences but I don’t, things happen for a reason. There is a song that reminds me of my father, a song that has lyrics that are what I would like to say to him… “My Hero” by the Foo Fighters. The Universe couldn’t of planned it any better, just as we drove into Sedona and were in the middle of town, that song came on. It was as if my father was saying, “I’m here with you.” Of course it touched my heart and I cried.

We arrived at Bell Rock and ended up climbing up to the top, the furthest I’ve ever hiked (I’m limited due to my neck and back). When we got to the top (or pretty close to it) I got to the edge of this one cliff, put my arms out and tried to absorb the energy. However, I felt such a bad energy at that spot, I ended up dropping myself down to the ground and scooting away from that ledge. We then hiked down the mountain and decided to go over to the other side to look for the vortex tree where I wanted to spread some of my dad ashes.

When we got around that area, we spotted the tree but I walked right past it and started to walk more frantically. I felt as if I was searching for something. It was almost like someone was guiding me, however it led me to an edge. When I got to that edge I had this overwhelming feeling but then I turned around. I ended up going back to the vortex tree and scattered some of my dads ashes on it. I then ended up sitting on the tree to ground myself. It was there that I felt the tree calming me and draining out my negative energy. Something else happened after that but you all wouldn’t believe me or would think I’m crazy. Let’s just say that I felt my dads presence there at that tree.

After our long hike and my spiritual experiences I had, we decided to go to our favorite vegetarian place. What other way would we end a interesting but perfect day. Although I will end on this note, I’ve been to Sedona twice now and three times I’ve had a spiritual experience there. I feel as if the land speaks to me and it’s helping with healing me and my issues with my dad. I know that may sound bazaar but whatever it is, the universe is definitely doing something in my life.

I guess you can say that the Universe and just life itself has taught me a lot last week and this past weekend. Now it’s just time for me to encrypt it all. So the sooner I figure it out, the sooner I get a little more healing.

Until next week…notice all the little things, they could be a clarification for the bigger picture!

Hugz & Kisses,


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