Weekly Flygirl Fix ~ July 14, 2019


Hope everyone had a good week and weekend!!!

My week started off with a three day trip that started on last Sunday. It wasn’t the kind of trip I normally wouldn’t do but a friend of mine was working on it and I hadn’t flown with him in awhile. It was suppose to be a short overnight in Tuscon and a long overnight in Corpus Christi. Well with storms brewing in Denver we ended up having delays and what was suppose to be a short overnight in Tuscon became even shorter, less than 9 hours. The only good thing about that shorter overnight was that we ended up getting paid double time the next day.

The following day I was desperate to get to Corpus Christi and try to catch up on some sleep there. By the time we got to the hotel I was exhausted but knew I needed some real food… and a drink! When I got to my room, I was standing at the closet and felt a drip of water on my head. I looked up at the ceiling and it had a wet spot on it with water dripping from that area and to make things worse, the air vent had mold around it. I continued to just unpack my stuff, change in to normal clothes and head downstairs for something to eat. My friend and the other flight attendant came down as well to join me. I had told my friend about my room and he said that was unacceptable and went to the front desk to request another room for me. One of the guys at the front desk came to our table with my new room and two complimentary breakfast coupons for the inconvenience. Although it was a nice gesture, I didn’t see myself getting up that early to redeem those coupons.

A few other things had happened at this hotel on that overnight but I won’t go into details. Let’s just say, if it can happen, it will happen to me (laughing) and I’m never surprised or upset. I was just happy to catch up on a little sleep and the fact that the next day was “go home” day! Eventually the trip from hell was over and I was back home in my own bed. I think the only thing that made that trip bearable was that I had some great passengers, my friend was on that trip and I flew with this girl who I had heard about but hadn’t work with till this trip. She was such a pleasure to work for and the word on her was that she always brings snacks with and gives it out to her crew! See the pix attached, it was so yummy!!!

Also during the week, my boyfriend took me on a ride and surprised me by taking me to lunch at the Mt. Charleston Lodge… love when he surprises me with things like this! It definitely made up for that trip! I also had another therapy sessions with my Spiritual Healer (always interesting to see how the session unfolds) and pretty much spent the rest of my week catching up on things around my home.

I will say this, my Spiritual Healer and Therapist have been giving me lots to reflect on and tools to find healing in forgiving my father fully. I had thought after all these years that I had forgiven my father for taking his life… but apparently, deep down inside I haven’t. I’m hoping that the day will come soon where my head will connect with my heart and I finally forgive him and fully heal. So as always, on that note…life is precious, I know I’m special and have a purpose (as we all are and do) and I refuse to give up on this life! So you shouldn’t either! I know life can be tough but hang in there… there is always something beautiful around the corner!

Till next week, I hope you all have a great week ahead of you! Remember to be kind to yourself, make yourself a number one priority and enjoy this precious life we have been given!

Hugz & Kisses,


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