Life Memorable Moments ~ Queensryche

If you know me personally then you know I like to change things up a bit without warning. I’ve already wrote about husband number one and three but decided not to save husband number two for last. Although before I make myself vulnerable with writing about that intense relationship with him.. I would like to share some of my “Life Memorable Moments” that happened before I met husband number two. These are some of the moments I look back on in my life and think… really? How can this happen to me, just a regular girl from the SW burbs of Chicago. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t pondering on that thought too much and I always gratefully appreciated every perfectly timed event that the Universe sent my way!

Now as I sit here trying to recall the exact years of these events, I have to admit, it’s a bit hazy and unclear. I had a lot going on back in those days and as I get older the more discombobulated the exact years become but not the events. I do recall before meeting my second husband that I had briefly lived in Arlington, Tx. and Columbia, SC. It was 1997 when I lived in Texas for maybe less than six months. At that time I had my son with me and made a decision to move back to California. I ended up having my half-brother come out to help me move. On the day we packed up my SUV and were getting ready to hit the road, a fan (who became a good friend) called me up and invited me to Houston. You see, I had an upcoming birthday that was in September and he wanted to take me to see my favorite band Queensryche play as a birthday present to me. So without a blink of an eye… my son, brother and I drove to Houston! I was so thankful that my friend thought of me and I had such a great time at the concert. I was even lucky that evening to hang out backstage with fans and the band. One of the coolest things that night was when some fans of Queensryche had recognized me and handed me one of the bands albums and asked me for my autograph. I thought it was the highlight of my night, so I thought. However, it was not even close to what the Universe had in store for me. As the night unfolded I also got to hang out on the side stage to watch the band play. Then I got to talk to the guitar tech for Eddie Jackson and if that wasn’t adding to my night, I got invited from Eddie to their next gig in Dallas. Now remember, I had just moved from there (laughing). Well, obviously I couldn’t say no so the next day I headed back up to Dallas. I ended up having my friend (who’s house I just moved from) watch my son as I took my brother with me to the concert.

Now what followed next was a perfectly orchestrated script for a movie. When we arrived at the venue and went to get our tickets, my brother and I were given VIP passes to hang out backstage for the concert. We also were able to go out to the back of the building and hang out there during the bands meet and greet. I’ll never forget how the band members were so nice and hospitable! I remember sitting at this picnic bench just chilling and Eddie handing me band memorabilia (from his fans) to watch for him as he carried on meeting with his fans. As I continued to sit there and just hang out, Chris DeGarmo came over and chatted with me for a bit. I was in heaven and didn’t want anyone to wake me! Then at the end of the night, Michael Wilton came over to me and said, “I’m a fan of yours.” I was super excited and awestruck at what he said that I just laughed and said, “Really? I’m a big fan of yours!” And if things couldn’t get any better, they did! Once again, Eddie invited me to go to San Antonio where they were ending their tour. I don’t even have to tell you what my answer was at all… just know that my son, brother and I were back on the road and heading to San Antonio that evening!

We ended up getting to San Antonio before the tour bus. When the band finally did arrive, my son, brother and I went and crashed in Eddie’s room till the next morning when he got us a room next to his. The next day I was super excited to be going to another one of their concerts which would also be their last city for the “Hear in the Now Frontier Tour.” This time I not only took my brother I also took my son with me. My son was only 5 years old and this would be his first concert ever. Again, the band was so nice and hospitable to me and my family, it was beyond measure. The only band member that kept to himself was Geoff Tate but that was okay because we were being pampered by the rest of the band. When the concert started we went and took our seats at the ground floor where the sound system was set up. Not too long into the concert my son had fallen asleep. Who does that or can do that with that amount of noise?! So at that point I had a security guy come get us and take us backstage. Can you imagine, here I am following this huge security guy who is carrying my passed out son through the crowd to get to the backstage. It was definitely a story to tell my son when he got older. When we did get to the backstage the security guy laid my son on the couch and ended up sleeping a little while longer. After the concert was over we headed back to the hotel and waited for Eddie to get there. My brother was sitting at the table as my son and I were laying on the bed when we heard a knock at the door. From the other side of the door a mans voice said, “Pizza man.” As my son went to open the door, there was Eddie with a pizza in his hand! Him and I ended up going downstairs to get some beer from the tour bus and then came back to the room to have a drink, eat some pizza and chill with my family.

I think this was one of those memorable times in my life that you couldn’t make this shit up and the Universe couldn’t of planned it any better! It is surely one of my top memorable moments of my life! I also have to mention that it is always nice when you cherish a band, you meet them and they turn out to be more awesome than you would ever expect! Oh… and I did eventually make it to California!


“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.” ~ Rose Kennedy

6 thoughts on “Life Memorable Moments ~ Queensryche

  1. Just happened to run into your blog, and may I say I am fascinated! Not too mention that QR are my all time fave band (I must have 4 our 5 posts that talk about them.) I have a triryche tattooed on my leg, which tells you a lot. Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line because of the coincidence which really makes me wonder how do things like that happen, oh and to share that I saw this tour as well! I look forward to reading more of your great story!


    1. Hi! Good to hear from you and I’m glad you enjoy my blog page. Growing up QR was my favorite, along with Iron Maiden. But let me tell yo, its Nice to idolize a band and then finally meet them and they turn out just as awesome as you thought! My ex-husband was a product Manager for a guitar company and they had two of their bandmates as artists so I got to see them play often. Take care and happy reading. Thanks Debbie

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      1. True. I was fortunate to get to meet them (both) recently. I first me Geoff last year when he was in DC. I actually had a stage side table right in front of him, and was very surprised at how friendly he was to me. I met the new Queensryche last month when they were in Gettysburg for bike week. It was a solid show but the best was the meet and greet after which was so chill! I was just really amazed because I had this idea of how they were like ever since I was a teenager, and it was great to finally meet and learn that they were as great as you though they would be! Thanks so much for the reply!


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