Weekly Flygirl Fix ~ July 21, 2019


I think I’m wearing out my typical welcome introduction… so let’s change things up a bit!How the hell is everyone doing?! Hope you all had an awesome week(end)!

Last week I decided to take some time and just chill out from racking my brain on anything. And for those who know me, chilling out isn’t really typical of me but I’m trying to prioritize some stuff in my life and just be more productive. One of those productive things would be catching up with my blog page. Each Blog I write and reveal my life story, makes me more vulnerable but I heal in the process.

I did work over the weekend, I picked up a easy two day trip, at least I thought it would be easy. It was supposed to be a nice long overnight in San Francisco, however, I got rerouted and ended up in San Diego. I had a 12 1/2 hour duty day with a short overnight in San Diego. The positive thing is that at least I got to be in San Diego (one of my favorite towns) and got paid a little bit more for this trip.

I also have another two day trip starting tonight. It’s a decent overnight in Reno and back home tomorrow night. Then I’ll be off for a week! So during my time off, I’m going to go back home to Chicago for two days and visit my dog and family. I’m super excited to see my furbaby and my boyfriend is going with me to finally meet some of my family.

Other than that I don’t have too much going on until my next trip at the end of the month. I do have a few things coming up in the next couple months. In August I’m going to Delmar with my boyfriend and my son is coming to visit me in Vegas. Then in September my boyfriend is taking me to London for my birthday. So I’m super excited for my upcoming events in the next few months.

So on that note, that’s all I’ve got for you in regards to my past week. I’m hoping for a more productive week ahead and just enjoying life.Till next week, I hope you are be happy and well!

Hugz & Kisses


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