Weekly Flygirl Fix ~ July 28, 2019


Hope everyone had a good week and are enjoying the rest of this weekend!

Last week started a bit rough for me, I had got off a two day trip over the past weekend and had a slight flare up with my back. All is good now with a little relaxation and massage therapy. Ever time I have a flare up, I learn that sometimes my health is more important than other things. Yes money is good to have but how can you make it when you are not 100% healthy.

With that being said, I continued to relax and flew back home to Chicago with my boyfriend for two days. I had to clear some things out of my storage (which he wouldn’t let me lift a thing!) and I had to take my dog to the vet (annual check up-he’s all good!). This was the first time my boyfriend got to meet my furbaby and I think they both bonded! We ended up taking him for the two nights we were there and I loved every moment of it!

I miss my dog so much but I know that my sister and her family are taking very good care of him…and that’s all I can hope for and I’m very thankful for them. At least I can fly out to Chicago anytime I want and visit my dog, it could be so much different and I’m grateful it isn’t!

We didn’t do much while there because I was only there to attend to my storage, take my dog to the vet, visit with him and see my family. My boyfriend and I did hit up some Chicago food! We are trying to eat healthy but when you go to Chi-town…well, you have to eat!!! So we ended up going to Portillos and White Castle, it was absolutely worth it! Well, we went against our normal and ordered bacon cheeseburgers at White Castle, we weren’t impressed and disappointed with the missing pickles. Next time we are sticking to what we know best, regular burgers with pickles (laughing).

The weather was perfect while we were there but it was quite gloomy. For some reason, every time I go home I feel so depressed because it seems like there are no true blue skies there. Maybe it’s just bad timing on my stays there. Whatever it was and even though I love my family… I always remember why I don’t live back home… it’s because my soul is and always will be longing for the West!

The day before we left, we did do lunch with my mom, step-father, sister and her two friends. It was nice and quaint but quick. After lunch we went to drop my dog back off to my sisters. We hung out for a bit and chilled with my dog and her. Then it was time to say goodbye. Not the part I look forward to each time I’m there. My boyfriend and I ended going to Portillos one last time for their Chopped Salad and took it back to the hotel. We ate, went down to the bar to have a drink and then called it a night because we had an early flight back home the next day.

We were lucky to get on the flight although it was almost completely full. That’s the one thing about flying non-rev, you never know if you’ll be able to get on the flight or not. But we did!

I’ll will say this, once we got back to Vegas, got to the car and I started to drive home… I looked out at the mountains and really appreciated where I now live!

As for my upcoming week, it’s going to be busy! I’m slowly starting to work more and although I still get a little anxiety, therapy and overcoming my demons is starting to show some progress.

Till next week… enjoy every minute with your family and furbabies, be well and I hope you all have a blessed, productive and amazing week!

Hugz & Kisses,


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