Weekly Flygirl Fix ~ Aug 25, 2019


Hope everyone had a good week and enjoying the rest of your weekend! Hopefully you all are getting some time to relax, making some memorable moments or just simply being productive!

Last week I took off work because I had broken my baby toe. It’s still sore to walk on but defiantly getting better. My son ended up coming to visit me for three days which was nice. We didn’t really do much because I couldn’t walk around a lot but we did get to spend some quality time together. Love my time with my son!

I also had another appointment with my therapist yesterday and I’m happy to say that things are progressing. Her and I are going back into my childhood and having me recap the horrific things that have happened to me. I’ve spent my whole life believing that I’ve moved passed them, in reality, I just camouflaged those events. It’s what I had to do to get through life but now I’m ready to really face them head on, deal with the emotions and really learn to love myself and get back to the sweet little girl my grandmother saw in me.

On a better note, it’s been over a week since I quit smoking! It’s not as easy for me as it may come to some but I’m pushing through it. I’ve tried twice in the past year but with no success. I’m really hoping that this time I conquer this nasty habit that I’ve had for over 30 years. I also went back to work over the weekend, had an easy three day trip with overnights in OKC and MAF. I had decent overnights but used my time to work on my next blog, Husband 2;4. It’s going to be lengthy but it will definitely be worth the read!

Other than that, I’m concentrating on getting more blogs out, picking up more trips and working on me and my pursuit of real happiness (as my boyfriend would say). Oh…. I’m also getting ready for my birthday vacation next month. My boyfriend is taking me to London! I can’t wait! Both of us have never been there so it’s going to be so much fun! I love adventures!

Till next week… enjoy the rest of your Sunday funday and I hope you have an amazing week ahead!!!

Hugz & Kisses,


4 thoughts on “Weekly Flygirl Fix ~ Aug 25, 2019

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