Weekly Flygirl Fix ~ Sept 8, 2019


Well after everyone’s long holiday last weekend, I hope you all got back into the swing of things this past work week! Look on the bright side, it was a shorter week! Now you get enjoy another weekend!

As for me… about three weeks ago (today) I quit smoking. It’s been so hard this past week because I’ve been craving a cigarette, although the smell of it now makes me nauseous. And about over two weeks ago I started taking anti-depressants to level my hormones out…hate the ones I’m on right now because they make me feel so tired and like a zombie! I was actually ready to go to work the other day and as I was heading out the door I just couldn’t get myself to leave my house. I started to have an anxiety attack. I called off work, washed my make-up off and went right back to bed. Where I stayed for two days just laying there watching the news and movies. On Wednesday I finally talked myself into getting out of the house and doing a few errands. It seemed to take everything I had to motivate myself to get into my car. I had also called my doctor to inform them how this medicine was making me feel: fatigued, not motivated or feeling like myself. The doctor ended up putting me on a different anti-depressant that I started taking that night. I’m hoping in the next week or two it will kick in and with a better effect than the last med’s I was taking.

Other than that, I’m taking it day by day to even see if I’ll pick up any trips before I leave on my birthday trip. My boyfriend is taking me to London and it will be our first time there which I’m super excited to see for the first time and with him. I will try and take lots of pictures, relax and see if those changing of the guards flinch (laughing)!

I wish I could give you a longer and exciting update with me but life has been challenging me lately and it’s keeping me under the radar. I hope that everyone has enjoyed their weekend and will have a great week ahead of them!

On that note, remember… every day isn’t sunshine and butterflies. Sometimes it’s okay to keep to yourself and do nothing, But also don’t forget… tomorrow is another day to conquer your obstacles! Stay Fierce!

Hugz & Kisses,


6 thoughts on “Weekly Flygirl Fix ~ Sept 8, 2019

  1. Smokey

    Nice one Debbie
    Stay strong & you can do anything you put you’re mind to! Congrats on the non smoking going to be brutal for awhile for sure! Have fun in London hope you are able to make the place guards flinch good luck & safe travels! Have pint & chill!


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