Weekly Flygirl Fix (From London) ~ Sept 15, 2019


Sorry for the delay in my post, I was out of the country. So on that note, here we are once again with another week behind us and another to look forward too. I hope this blog finds everyone doing well!

I haven’t worked in almost three weeks so my weekly blogs are not so exciting lately. However, I’m starting to change that with some new beginnings and adventures that actually started last week. At the beginning of last week my boyfriend and I got a place together. We were running around like crazy because we had two days to clean up my place, move into our new one and then head out of the country for a few days.

My birthday was on September 13th so he took me to visit London, it was our first time there which made it more exciting. However, nothing is ever boring with me nor was this trip (laughing). We were lucky enough to have amazing weather while there but the flights were not the best I’ve had when traveling. I had a tummy ache which was not my ideal of fun when each flight consisted of 10 hours. The day we left our flight was two hours delayed but we still got to London with enough time to enjoy a majority of the day. We met up with my boyfriends first cousin (who they met for the first time on this trip) then we went to a local pub for drinks, fish and chips. After the pub his cousin took us on a walking tour which was a lot of walking but we got to see so much! We visited Nelson’s Column, Trafalgar Square, Horse Guard parade, Hyde Park (The Mall), Buckingham Palace, Wellington Barracks, Parliament Square, Big Ben, London Bridge, The Tower of London, The London Eye and Leicester Square. So as you can see, in one day we covered a majority of what I wanted to see.

We where staying at a great hotel centrally located in Leicester Square which was right next to China town. The streets were desolate in the morning but as the day progressed they got packed, it was like being in a mini NY Time Square. The next few days were fun filled packed as well. We ended up purchasing a two day double decker bus tour. We took the bus to Westminster and took a boat ride over to Greenwich. While in Greenwich we went to a local pub, grabbed some Pho and went to visit the Observatory at the Meridian Line. On another day we went to see the changing of the guards and the Mayflower Pub (where the Mayflower actually embarked from) which was pretty amazing! The Pub also had a list of surnames that were on the Mayflower but none of my relatives names were on it. Then we tried to go do Jack the Ripper tour but we got lost and didn’t make it to the tour. On our last day we went on the bus tour again which took us too The Abbey, Harrods, Bourough Market (where we ate) and then headed over to Kensington. While in Kensington we rented bicycles and went to see Princess Diana’s memorial park (it was beautiful and I was happy to see all the kids playing in the fountain), Kensinton Palace and Prince Albert’s memorial. At the end of our touring the grounds we stopped for some ice cream which was just what I needed at the time. Then we got back on the double decker bus to continue our tour and head back to the hotel. This trip was so amazing and I got to see pretty much everything I wanted too and more! I would definitely go back again but this time I would like to do the Jack the Ripper tour and a fox hunt!

I have to say that in my lifetime I’ve had now four memorable birthdays… When I was 7 I had a pretty cool birthday party. For my 45th I went to China to visit the largest Panda research base. On my 50th I spent it in Nashville with an amazing family who I absolutely love and got to see the Nelson’s/Loverboy in concert. And now on my 51st, I went to visit London which I’ve always wanted to do because I admired Princess Diana. I am so appreciative that I’ve had some pretty awesome birthdays to cherish forever! And I’m grateful for the people involved in those memorable moments for making my birthdays special!

Until next week and with hopefully an on-time post… enjoy the rest of your week and some of the pictures of my birthday in London!

Hugz & Kisses,


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