Weekly Flygirl Fix ~ Sept. 22, 2019


Happy Football Sunday! Hope you all had a great week and are hopefully enjoying a chillaxin’ weekend!

I got back from London on Monday and spent the rest of the week with my boyfriend getting our new home in order. Over the weekend we did get his furbaby back, his son was taking care of him the past few years. Other than that I’ve been trying to find trips to pick up but since our Max has been grounded there is nothing. Nothing in open time and no-one giving away their trip. If they are giving away their trip, they have no money on it or it’s a horrific trip (meaning a long day or the trip doesn’t pay much). Luckily next month I held a line so at least I’ll be working. However, tell my bills I won’t get a paycheck next month for this past month (laughing)! I guess this down time just gives me the chance to catch up on my blogs which is a good thing! I was productive today and woke up at 5am to start on my next blog “My depression and PTSD” and catch a beautiful sunrise! Then I spent the rest of the day getting to know the new furbaby and watching some football. All in all, not too much of an exciting day but definitely a good one!

So till next week and a more productive ‘me’…. I hope everyone enjoys their football Sunday and you all have a fantastic week ahead!

Hugz & Kisses,


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