Weekly Flygirl Fix ~ Oct. 6, 2019


Hope everyone had a great week and are enjoying the rest of their weekend!

Last Monday I finally went back to work and picked up a three day trip with overnights in San Diego and Ontario. It was weird being back to work after being off for five weeks but it’s like riding a bike, you never forget what to do. The best part of the trip was that I got to fly with my classmate Shanna. She definitely made it a lot easier being back to work and making the three day trip fun! We had a short overnight in San Diego but a little longer overnight in Ontario. While in Ontario, she talked me in to hitting up In-N-Out Burger when we landed. It’s been almost two months since I quick smoking and I gained almost 10 lbs, so a burger wasn’t the ideal meal I should of been having… but you only live once!

The rest of the week I was home dealing with floor and furniture guys and not to mention Best Buy Geek Squad, fun times (laughing). I did work on my schedule for the rest of the month as well. It’s nice when you have trips set in stone and you finally have some stability of work with enough days off in-between. Friday night was my usual date night with my boyfriend. We routinely go out for Prime Rib, drinks, a little gambling and then come home to watch a movie. However, this night was a bit different. Why? Well, I had a bit too much to drink and was in a great mood so I decided to bake chocolate macadamia cookies. You might be thinking, well that isn’t different. It actually is when you decide to bake and go ‘live’ on Instagram and at the end of the baking you get a bit risque! I watched the video the next morning and oh my god, it was so funny but I was such a dork! I guess you can say that I was just being me and having a little fun! I did end up deleting the video… you never know who’s watching it and like I said, it did get a little risque (laughing).

So on another subject, I’ve been wanting to start working out again for the past few months but things kept getting in the way. The obstacles in my way have been either me ending up with a concussion when I was on a trip, having an eyelid infection, dealing with depression or the steroid injections wearing off and having to get another back procedure done. It seems that this year hasn’t been the greatest for me when it comes to wanting to get back in shape. Maybe my birthday being on Friday the 13th (and a full moon) had something to do with it?! Just kidding. But since I quick smoking and hadn’t been working for weeks it seemed like I magically gained 10 lbs out of nowhere. I guess not being active like I use to be and hitting over 50 doesn’t help either. But like I said, I started doing some cardio the other day and my community offers a Yoga class every Saturday which I plan on attending when I’m not flying. I already eat healthy but started to be more strict on the things I eat. I’m determined not to get unhealthy… there is no reason for me to be out of shape unless I have some health condition… which I don’t.

On another positive note, I’m happy to be back at work, enjoying some days off and looking forward to going back home to visit my furbaby (and of course some family). I’m also looking forward to finishing my life blogs and next year working on my life story book. So many things to look forward too but also at the same time trying to keep this depression/PTSD in check. I just keep telling myself… ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Till next week… I hope everyone has a great Sunday!!! And make next week the best you can filled with fun loving memories and moments!

Hugz & Kisses,


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