Life Memorable Moments ~ Chris Rooney

When I was living in Tampa, FL. in 1992 I was working at a club and met this guy Chris Aber Rooney. Little did I know that his mom Jan was married to the actor Mickey Rooney. We hit it off pretty well and when I was traveling on the road I would go meet up with him and hang out. One of my favorite moments was when I went to Toronto, Canada to see him. His father was out there for some show and Chris and I got to hang out and do some sight seeing. While I was there I also got to see Wolfman Jack who was staying at the same hotel. Not sure if anyone remembers him but I do! I had loved Toronto so much that when him and his dad went back to the states, I decided to stay there for a month. There was also a time when I had almost thought about moving to Canada but obviously that never happened. We also had some adventures in Calgary, Canada, Seattle, Washington and Las Vegas. There was never a dull moment with Chris, we always found something fun to experience.

There also was this time when I went to see Chris when he was with his dad in New Orleans (picture inserted). We went down to the French Quarter to grab some beignets and a cappuccino then ventured around the area and did a little shopping. When we would meet up on the road we would always have the VIP treatment at the hotels he stayed at and hit up nice restaurants, local museums and zoos. I believe it was 1994 when I moved back to California and him and I started hanging out again. He lived in Thousand Oaks and I lived in the next town over, Calabasas. For a brief moment we both went to an acting class together. Acting was something I wanted to pursue when I lived in California but life took me in a different direction.

I think the last time I saw Chris was when I still lived in California and his father made a special appearance on the TV show Full House. That day I was doing a photo shoot but right afterwards I went to the Burbank studios to see him. It was my first time on a TV set and it was pretty cool! I got to meet most of the actors on that show which was amazing! Lori Loughlin (Rebbeca) and Jodi Sweetin (Stephanie) were both pretty snooty, John Stamos (Jesse) was definitely cute in person but a bit quirky and Candace Cameron (DJ) turned out to be total sweetheart. When the taping of the show began I sat in the audience with Chris’s mom and grandmother, both adorable women. As I was watching the show my heart melt when Mickey had a part with one of the twins (Michelle). She couldn’t remember her line and you can tell she was a bit frustrated by it. Mickey was so supportive and such a mentor to her that he showed such compassion by giving her a pep talk and hug and telling her it was okay. I also found it pretty interesting to see how the acting coach would be behind the scenes feeding the lines to the little boys (Nicky and Alex). It’s funny how now when I watch TV shows I envision the bigger picture of the taping of that show. Even to where sometimes I try to find things out of the ordinary, like maybe a boom shadow or a reflection of a crew member in a window (laughing).

Chris and I were friends for years until I moved back to Florida to be with my son. His brother Mark happened to be living out there when I moved back. From what Mark told me, he was sent to Florida with the help of Geraldo Rivera for a drug problem. Mark ended up getting over the drugs, living in Naples and becoming a chef. He eventually married a lady named Charley and moved back to California right before Mickey died. I hadn’t talked to either one of them since Mickey’s death in 2014. But I do remember Mark saying before he moved back to California that there was some family battle over Mickeys inheritance (which I wasn’t surprised). Allegedly, Mark said Chris and his new wife were trying to steal Mickey’s money and he needed to be back home to protect Mickey and his assets. Hm… sounds like a Inquire tabloid headline.

I don’t know what the outcome was with all of that and I had too much going on in my life at that time to find out. I did try to search for Mark on Facebook over the years after that but no with no prevail. Maybe one day we’ll cross paths again… or not.

“People come, people go – they’ll drift in and out of your life, almost like characters in a favorite book. When you finally close the cover, the characters have told their story and you start up again with another book, complete with new characters and adventures.” ~ Nicholas Sparks

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