Life Memorable Moments ~ Scott Schwartz And Emilio Estevez

Another life memorable moment was in 1997 (or 1998). At least twice a year I would attend conventions out in Las Vegas to do autograph signings (explain later down the road). At one of those conventions I got together with my friend Scott (Scotty) Schwartz, the kid who played “Flick” in the movie A Christmas Story. I met Scotty while living in Los Angeles and can’t even remember (I know he could though) how we met but we have been friends forever! And although both of our lives have gotten us busy through the years, I still talk to him here and there and love him to death! Now back to the story (laughing)….

One day Scotty and I went walking around the convention to check out all the celebrities who were doing autograph signings. There was a particular person I wanted an autograph from, Emilio Estevez. He was there with his dad doing autograph signings to promote their movie The War At Home. I ended up having Scotty come with me and stand in line so I could get an autograph from them both. While standing in line we were joking about how I should give my number to Emilio. I did write it on a piece of paper but when I got in front of Emilio, I couldn’t get the nerve up to give it to him. However, Scotty had no problem taking it from my hand and giving it to him (laughing). I think Scotty knew him because he had no difficulty being upfront in the situation and handing it to him.

Now since I frequented Vegas often, I had become friends with this guy who was a limo driver and would take me anywhere I wanted to go when I was in town. In return, I would tip him well and give his son autograph pictures of me (remember, I’ll explain this later). So later that day he drove me to the airport to pick up some colleagues that were coming in from Texas. As my colleagues got into the limo I started to catch them up on the convention events and Emilio then all of a sudden my pager went off… it was him! I don’t know why but I was so excited to see his page that I threw my pager across the back seat of the limo. He was paging me to ask me out on a date! As I tell this next part of the story, bare with me because recalling this exact event from decades ago is a bit vague.

I do remember late that same evening arriving to the MGM where Emilio was staying in a Penthouse suite. As I went up to his door and knocked on it, he came from behind me and said, “Hi.” He had told me that he was just at the Playboy party and was looking forward to seeing me. As we entered into his Penthouse suite, I was so awestruck at how amazingly beautiful the room and view were. I felt like I was in a dream! I even thought to myself, hey this will get me brownie points with my son. You see the Mighty Ducks were a popular movie to watch in my household at that time.

I eventually went to take a seat on the couch while Emilio poured me a glass of wine. As he handed it to me, I accidentally spilled some on me and the couch, oops. After I cleaned it up, I took the glass of wine and went to the window to admire the view of the Vegas strip. We talked for a bit and then I excused myself to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was huge and had a two door entry. When I was done I opened up both doors, as I opened the door that connected to the bedroom there on the bed was Emilio. I recall getting undress (I was pretty buzzed from drinking earlier), climbing up on the bed and getting on top of him. Then after that I don’t recall anything, I pretty much blacked out from there.

I’m not alleging anything but all I remember is getting up the next morning and there was no sign of Emilio. I got myself dressed, went down the elevator, exited out through the MGM casino and onto the strip. When I got out of the MGM I’m not sure why but I decided to just walk back to Bally’s where I was staying. Maybe that was my long walk of shame to figure out what happened that night. Or maybe I just needed the fresh air.

The next day at the convention I spoke with Scotty and he said “What did you do with Emilio?” I said, “Why?” He said, “Because he never showed up for his autograph signing that day.” Well let’s just say I never thought about that night again or tried to finish analyze what exactly happened. I just had decided to add another life memorable moment to my life and keep moving forward. And hey, it’s a funny story to tell (laughing).

P.S. Scotty and I have a thing for Dunkin Donuts… hence us with DD…always!

“Mostly, we don’t remember the days. We remember the moments.” ~ Unknown

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