Life Memorable Moments ~ Pauley Shore And Anthony Michael Hall

Pauley Shore… Not sure how I got invited or what year it was (early 90’s possibly) but I got to enjoy an incredible night at the Comedy Club for Pauley’s birthday bash! I was lucky to meet Pauley (nice guy), Billy Idol and Bobby Brown. There were a few other celebrates I met but those were the three that stood out all these years from that event. Actually, the top celebrity that did stand out that night was Billy Idol. It’s what he said that I’ll never forget and I’m not sure if it was an insult or a complement (laughing). He had asked me and my girlfriend if we wanted to go make a sex video with him…. we didn’t. Guess we passed up an opportunity (laughing)?

Anthony Michael Hall… I met him on a movie set, he was friends with one of the actors I knew. Apparently Michael had my co-worker give him my phone number. The whole coordination of our “hook up” is not clear anymore but what I do remember is funny, at least to me. He had come over one night to my apartment in Calabassas, CA. I remember while he was at my home he was getting high and later that night we had a little fun (use your imagination here). When he left the next day, I had called my mom and told her of the evening I had with him. I recall joking with her and saying that after he left I was picking up little pieces of marijuana buds off my carpet. My mom then said (jokingly) save it and give it to her, she uses marijuana for her MS. I told her that it was too late I had already flushed it down the toilet (oopsies!). That’s pretty much all the excitement I had from that memorable moment but I will end this story on this note. Michael was a nice and sweet guy but I never heard from him after that. So once again, it was just another memorable moment to add to my life! And like I say, another funny story to share.

“Sometimes, I sit and think of all the memories I’ve made and smile. Then I smile even more at the thought of memories yet to be made.” ~ Unknown

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