Weekly Flygirl fix ~. Oct 20, 2019


Hope everyone had another great week and enjoying the rest of their weekend!

I started my week out by ending a three day trip on Monday, which I got to fly with a nice crew and some amazing passengers. I also have to mention that I did have a few flights with some awesome kids on it too. I had one day back at home to run errands and pack up for my trip out to the mid-west. My boyfriend and I flew out to Chicago for two days to see my dog, sister and clean out my storage. However after my last trip I started getting sick and by the time we got to Chicago I was really feeling under the weather. Michael and I got a hotel room and just had Mylo spend the two days with us. As sick as I was, it was nice to cuddle with my furbaby for those two days. The last day there we got up early to drop Mylo off at my sisters. We did get to hang out with her for an hour and have a cup of coffee before we hit the road. I have an amazing, caring and loving sister who sent me off on my road trip with a goodie bag (picture inserted) containing: honey, teabags, chicken bullion cubes, cough drops and essential oil’s. At the last minute she also came outside to give me a travel pillow to take with on our drive.

Where were we driving? Well, Michael’s grandson was having his first birthday, so we drove 4.5 hours to Iowa to see him and spend two days there. Unfortunately I was restrained to the hotel room for the two days to deal with this cold. I felt so sick, I pretty much slept the whole time while in Chicago and Iowa. Michael did take care of me, making sure I had something to eat or whatever I needed. However, this cold was defeating me with everything it could give me. I’m sure I looked and acted like a possessed person to him. Luckily, right before we left Iowa I started to feel a little like myself, I think all of the rest I was getting aided by the essential oils, tea and honey were doing the trick!

We are driving back to Las Vegas on Sunday (today) but making a stop in Denver for the night. We figured that it’s our halfway mark from Iowa to Las Vegas. And we’re hoping that while in Denver we’ll get to see my son and nephew for a nice dinner. I have the rest of the week off when we get home and I’m hoping to feel 100% better by then. I’m crossing my fingers this cold is gone because I have tons of things to do. For one, unpack all my stuff from storage. I don’t fly again till the end of the month to which I have a six day trip to look forward to. It’s going to be brutal but like my boyfriend says, suck it up buttercup (laughing). Other than this adventure, I don’t think that we have any other out of town trips to take so I’m hoping to work a bit more during the holidays. So until next week… be happy and healthy and enjoy your upcoming week!

P.S. I got to see my son, nephew and nephew’s fiance. We took them out for Korean BBQ. HAPPY ME!!!

Hugz & Kisses,