Weekly Flygirl Fix ~ Nov 3, 2019


Hi everyone and hello November! I hope you all are doing well and ready for the upcoming holidays and season! I’m actually looking forward to Thanksgiving because I love turkey and stuffing (who wouldn’t?). Not to mention that I get to make my tasty homemade apple crisp and deviled eggs (yum). Insert here, ‘dreaming of a turkey dinner.’ Now onto last weeks adventures….

Last Sunday I ventured out from the West Coast and had overnights in Raleigh-Durham, NC (RDU) & Wichita, KS (ICT). The best part of my three day trip was that I got to fly with an amazing crew! One of those flight attendants being my classmate Monique and the other, Debra, I had flown with before. Monique and I have been working for Southwest Airlines for almost four years. I’ve lived in the same base with her for a year and a half and this was the first time we got to fly together. We had so much fun and got to catch up on a lot of things. I also found out on this trip that we have a lot in common. She is not just beautiful on the outside but on the inside too! The overnights were nice with plenty of time to catch up on sleep because I was still getting over the nasty cold I had. If it weren’t for that cold I might have ventured out in Raleigh but not Wichita because it was freezing there.

This was also my first trip were I got to wear my new uniform skirt. For those who know me, I usually wear our uniform shorts or pants. However, since I quit smoking I gained some weight and decided to switch to skirts till I lose the weight and can fit in my shorts/pants again. I always felt that I wasn’t a dress girl and unsure about wearing the skirts. But I guess never say never because I really did like wearing the skirt… maybe it was because I got to wear these cool boots with them. I recently got a pair of Louise Thaden boots from Skypro and this was my first trip out to see if I like them and want to promote the companies shoe wear. I guess the smart thing would of been to test these new boots out on a three day trip but this was a six day. I will be completely honest, by the fourth day my feet felt like I wanted to cut them off. But it wasn’t because of the boots, it was more of ‘new boots’ and ‘non-stop being on my feet’. Especially the first day of my trip because we had a 10 hour duty day. But after giving my feet some well needed elevation and rest, by the fifth and six day my feet were back to feeling good!

I did get a lot of compliments on the boots from crew and passengers. I think they are absolutely beautiful, comfortable and worth the money. So if you are looking for some great quality and comfortable shoes, I totally recommend Skypro. They do have shoe wear for men and women and I’ll post the information below this blog if you want to check out their website. Also, you can use my code and get a 15% discount. I just ask that if you do get a pair of their shoes, send me a message on here. I would like to know what pair you got and what you really think of them. This way it gives me a heads up on what next pair to get!

Sorry for going squirrel on you but when I find a good product, I like to share it with people. So where was I? Oh yeah, the first three day trip with my classmate. Her and I were having so much fun while we were working and we talked each others ears off, me more than her I’m sure. There were little moments on this trip that we would joke or laugh about… like going through KCM (Known Crew Member) at the airport. There were three of us going through KCM and I was in the middle. Debra went first and she ended up getting randomly selected, then I went through but when I looked back, Monique had gotten randomly selected as well. The girls just looked at me and said, “I guess you got some luck today?!” I actually thought it was odd because I’ve never seen KCM do a double random check.

Before we got on our flight in Raleigh, her and I decided to hit Starbucks for coffee. As we were standing in line I started to joke with the guy in front of her and in back of me. I told the guy in front to leave his credit card in the machine for our coffee purchase. Then the guy behind me said, “Hey, what about us back here?” I said, “You guys get the coffee on our plane.” We all laughed! Here’s the nice part, when I went to pay for my coffee, the guy behind me paid for it. Here’s the funny part, the guy in front of my friend ended up being on my flight. He was shocked that I remembered him because it was at least an hour after that moment at Starbucks. I remember when we got to his destination and he was deplaning I told him, “Next time leave your credit card in there for us!” Once again, we both had a good laugh. Like I said, I think the girls were onto something about having good luck that day. Not that the ‘free coffee’ wasn’t enough (it’s the little things) but there was more to come.

I ended up getting a few other things from passengers, like several kick tails, a German chocolate bar, an autographed book and something least expected. I always try to make my passenger feel like they are special and give them a good laugh and experience on my flights. There was this one couple that I was treating extra special, which I tend to do here and there. As they were deplaning and I was heading to the back of the aircraft to grab my belongings, the guy started to hand me a folded up bill. He said, “Thank you so much for taking care of us” and as I was pushing his hand away I said, “You don’t have to give me money, I love what I do.” Well, he gave it to me anyway and I just held it tight in my hand. I didn’t want to be rude and look to see what he gave me and actually it didn’t matter. I was just grateful of the gesture that touched my heart. As I was getting my luggage I had looked to see what the bill was… I was flabbergasted when I saw it was a $50 bill! It was pretty much the talk between us girls from the aircraft to the hotel shuttle. I ended up paying for the whole crews shuttle tip and said I was buying the first rounds at the bar. No one took me up on that offer except Monique, so we ended up getting a drink and some food. When we were getting ready to pay the bill she said she would pay for the food and of course I didn’t let her. I said, “I got this money from a nice gesture, I could easily keep it but I rather do a good deed.” I ended up paying the whole bill and as easy as I received the money the easier it was to let it go with a kind gesture by paying it forward.

All in all, the first day of this trip was long because of delayed flights due to weather but I couldn’t of asked for a better three day trip! Now onto day four of six… This next three day trip had me overnighting in Orange County, CA (SNA) and Reno, NV (RNO). The two flight attendants I was flying with was Valerie, who I flown with before and Ann, it being our first time working together. On my first overnight in Orange County I pretty much slammed clicked when I got to the hotel. It ended up being a long day, I was still on my medications for my cold and just wanted some rest. I know it may sound like I need a lot of sleep but I don’t (laughing). I need the sleep when I can because I still had some of that cold, I had been traveling through different time zones and by the 5th day my body was really hurting. I haven’t done a six day trip in over two years and after that last car accident two years ago, I just can’t do six days in a row. Although I had to do it this time I can tell you that there won’t be a second time if I can help it.

I did end up getting enough rest in Orange County for my last overnight which was 18 hours in Reno. It was Halloween and I definitely wanted to go down to the bar for a drink and do a bit of gambling. That morning I made sure to take a Naproxen and put several Salonpas on my neck and back so I could enjoy my Reno overnight. When we got to the hotel it was quieter than we thought it would be which was fine with me. Valerie and I met up at the lobby cafe and grabbed a panini. Eventually Ann came down too and we went over to the bar where our pilots were hanging out. We all sat down to have a drink, play video poker and chat for a few. It wasn’t long till Valerie decided to go venture out into the casino. Then the First Officer decided to go get some food and the Captain went to go check out other machines. Ann and I decided to go off on our own too but later bumped into each other and hung out. We both ended up doing a bit of gambling but neither of us won anything major. We ended up calling it quits and heading to our rooms before 2 a.m.

The next day we had a late lobby time so I took advantage of sleeping in and later going to the breakfast buffet. Ann ended up meeting me down at the buffet but by the time she got there they were switching over to lunch. I decided to hang out a bit longer with her and got some lunch as well. That was a first, I had breakfast and lunch in one sitting! This trip was a bit more chilling than my last three day but it was still a pleasant trip. By the time I got back to Vegas and ended my six day trip I was totally exhausted. But I found some energy to go on my weekly Friday night date for Prime Rib with my boyfriend. We had a nice evening along with some tasty food and I was just happy I was getting some relaxing and quality time with him.

I will end this blog on this note, I feel as if I need a whole week to recoup my body. I actually won’t need that much time but it will defiantly be a few days before I fly again. And no more six days in a row working. Note to self: my body isn’t like it use to be and just say no. Till next week… enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope you have an amazing week ahead of you!

Hugz & Kisses,


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