Weekly Flygirl Fix ~ Nov 10, 2019


Hope everyone had a great productive week and got to enjoy their weekend!

I spent this past week trying to be productive by catching up on things like Facebook, Instagram and my Blog page. Not to mention, working on my November work schedule, visiting the dentist, running errands and getting blood work done. And somewhere in-between all of that, I found some time to spend with my boyfriend and got a little ‘me’ time in there as well. It’s been a crazy week but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m actually off on a two day trip today with a short overnight in Burbank, CA. Then I come home for a day to pretty much just get ready for a three day trip the following day. Although after that I’m off for almost a week, which I’m planning on going for two days to Colorado to visit my son for his birthday. It will be nice to spend some quality time with him, this mommy is in need of some son time!

Now even though my week was a whirlwind, apparently I wasn’t alone, my boyfriend was having one too. We ended up changing our Friday date night to Tuesday. We did have a nice evening out and got to enjoy some tasty Orange Roughy and play a little poker. I got lucky and ended up hitting the Deuces Wild Natural Royal Flush $$$! Then on Wednesday his mom and step-dad came over for a steak dinner and I made his mom a homemade carrot cake. It was a nice and quiet evening, the food was delicious (Michael cooked the steaks on the grill, can never go wrong with grilling!) and the cake was heavenly tasting!

I spent my Friday getting ready for my trip and then we went over to his father’s house for dinner. Earlier in the week I asked his step-mother what was her favorite desert, I wanted to make her something because she’s always so kind to me. She chose Bread Pudding… I’ve never made it before but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from making it for her. We had the bread pudding with some vanilla ice cream and it not only tasted amazing but was a hit with my boyfriend and his family. We ended up going home at a decent hour and he went to sleep while I worked on my blogs. Other than that it was a productive week, I’m doing well, appreciating everyday and especially all the love that surrounds me!

So until next Sunday, I hope you all stay happy and well! And for those of you that maybe going through a tough time… please take a deep breath… it will get a little easier, trust me. Big hugz and love to you!!!

Hugz & Kisses,


“Hold on. I know it’s rough, I know it’s not what we planned. But we can get through it. Just hold on.” ~ Uknown

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