Weekly Flygirl Fix ~ Dec 1, 2019


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends! If you are still traveling, safe travels and if your off work for the holiday weekend, enjoy your time off.

I had a nice Thanksgiving with my boyfriend and his family but I couldn’t help to pause for a moment and think about others. The people that had to work, the ones that spent it alone and those who are homeless. Believe it or not, I had fallen into all of these situations at one point in time throughout my life. So on these holidays, I take time to reflect and have a grateful heart for the little things and the people around me. It’s like that quote, “There is always something to be grateful for.”

Now as far as my week went, I had started a three day trip last Sunday. It was four legs each day up and down the West Coast. There were a few legs during my trip that we had to sit for turbulence, which made the days feel longer. By the time my three day trip ended my body felt as if I was thrown up against the wall. On a better note, I did get to fly with a co-worker I had flown with before which at least made that trip fun! On our last day, we started it out of Burbank, we had the same pilots for all four legs back to Vegas. I had flown with the Captain before and the First Office was a lady who was such a sweetheart! The Captain had told us that the First Officer was upgrading to Captain next year. So we decided to get a group picture in the engine, it’s the normal thing to do in Burbank (laughing).

When I got home, that next day I was pretty much useless because my body was so sore and in pain. By the following day I had to get my butt in gear and make the deserts for Thanksgiving. Somehow I pushed through it and got all the deserts done plus I made breakfast for my boyfriend and I. By the third day I couldn’t take it anymore, I felt so uncomfortable that I had went to get a massage. That definitely did the trick and got me feeling at least 70% better. The rest of my week I spent working on my life blogs and just trying to relax my body before my next three day trip on Tuesday.

Other than dealing with discomfort I will say this… I’d rather deal with being uncomfortable because at least their are things I can do to find some relief. It could always be worse, like not being able to walk, so I’ll stay GRATEFUL. Until next week, enjoy your Sunday, have a fabulous week ahead and let’s push through the rest of this year with a grateful heart.

Hugz & Kisses,


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