Life Memorable Moments ~ Pinch Me I’m Dreaming

Sometimes the Universe puts you in the right place at the right moment. And sometimes those moments you are grateful for and cherish forever. These moments were never dreamt of from a girl like me from Chicago but I’d like to share a few of them with you… enjoy.

John Henson (E Channels Talk Soup): I met him while in Vegas doing an autograph signing. He had given me his autograph and in return I gave him mine on one of my pictures I was signing. What transpired after meeting him is something I’ll never forget and forever have engraved in my memories. Shortly after I met him he was going to New York to be on the Howard Stern Show. Well on that morning at 5 a.m. California time I was waken by the ringing of my phone. I was half asleep and still out of it so it took me a few seconds to realize who was crazy enough to be calling me that early in the morning. To my surprise and disbelief, it was Howard Stern calling me while John was in his studio doing an interview with him. Apparently John showed him the picture I autographed for him and Howard said I was cute and for whatever reason decided to call me. I remember Howard asking me what I was wearing and doing. I was like, I’m wearing pajamas because it’s 5 a.m. here and I’m am/was sleeping (laughing). I didn’t talk to him long but he was very pleasant to me considering I was an open target for anything he could of thrown my way. Thanks Howard for being gentle on me! Later that morning I had to take my car in to get fixed, I was listening to the radio (Howard Stern Show) and as soon as I pulled into the dealership I heard the interview with John. I was so awestruck and was telling the guy at the dealership that was me earlier that morning talking to Howard and now I’m on the radio. I had gotten such a big kick out of it and although I never met Howard Stern, just the fact that he called me and I got to talk to him was awesome! Not sure what the conversation that John had with Howard to have him call me but thanks John! You made an everlasting memory for me!

Kip Winger (Winger): It was 2010 or 2011 when I went with my boss and his wife to the VH1 concert at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, FL. I recall Jani Lane (Warrant) and Don Dokken (Dokken) was on the bill play along with Kip Wigner and Reb Beach. It’s a bit blurry but somehow I made it backstage along with my boss and his wife. I think I knew one of the security guys and that’s how we got backstage, that’s what I’m thinking. While I was back there I ended up meeting Kip Winger and Reb Beach. They were so cool and fun that I got to take a couple of pictures with them in the hallway… to which those pictures are on my hard-drive that is broken. But as soon as I can get it fixed or maybe find copies, I defiantly will post them because one of the pictures was too funny! During that evening I was drinking a bit more than I should have and remember finding myself in a room with Kip. Not sure how that happened but I was like OMG it’s Kip Winger, I use to have a crush on you. The next thing you know I was down on my knees and let’s just say… I wasn’t praying.

Chris Bryant (Chicago Cubs): One day while I was working a flight from Vegas to Chicago, I was in the exit row in boarding position. This TALL guy was approaching the exit row and I was like, “Do you want this seat? There is no seat in front of it and it’s perfect for tall people.” He said yes and I recall making a comment about how he had really nice eyes. Halfway through the trip I was heading to the back of the aircraft and there was that tall guy talking to two of the flight attendants in the galley. I over heard one of the flight attendants saying something about celebrity. I’m not shy (most of the time) so I put myself into their conversation and said, “Who’s a celebrity?” Then I get informed by one of the flight attendants that this tall guy that was sitting in my exit row and now standing right in front of me is Chris Bryant from the Chicago Cubs. He was telling us that he was on his way to Chicago to sign some huge contract. He was super nice and I had told him my ex-husband number 3 use to play in the minors for the Yankees and Mets and had been a scout for the Chicago White Sox when I was married to him. I also jokingly told him that I was sorry, but I’m a Whites Sox fan (and Yankees) but don’t worry a majority of my family are Cub fans. We both got a laugh out of that one! I had also mention my old friend Kevin Orie who use to play third base for the Cubs but I don’t think he knew who he was. Overall, it was a great experience to meet him and even a better one when someone who is in the spotlight turns out to be so nice! Thanks Chris for being so kind, chatting with me and for letting me get a picture with you! P.S. Since it’s obvious how much bigger he is than me in the picture, I did joke with him about how I was so much smaller than him and I felt like I could just climb him (laughing).

Kevin Orie (Chicago Cubs): I was out in Chicago doing a event and the girl who was taking care of that event and me decided for us to go out afterwards. Well one of the guys that happen to come out with us was Kevin Orie. We hit it off right away, chatted for awhile and did keep in touch for awhile after that night. Not sure how it all went down but he ended up being my date for an award show that was held out in Vegas. It was such a great evening and I got to get all dressed up and have my hair and make-up professionally done from one of my favorite make-up artist (RIP Lee). I truly felt like a princess that evening. I included in my slideshow a picture of me that night but unfortuneatly I didn’t get one with Kevin because he was trying to keep it on the low down that he was at that event. If I recall correctly, his friend had told me he almost didn’t go but didn’t want to disappoint me. He was a great date, nice guy and the answer is yes if you’re mind is pondering that question. I haven’t talked to Kevin in years but always wondered how and what he was doing.

Ted Cruz (Senator R-TX): While getting ready to work a flight out of Dallas, Mr. Cruz was coming off the plane. I remember one of my flight attendants being all nervous and saying, “He’s a celebrity”. I just looked at her and jokingly said, “He’s not a celebrity, he’s a politician”. As he was coming off the plane I introduced myself and asked him if we could get pictures with him, he was so kind and said yes. I got to talk to him briefly and also said to him that I had loved his accent. He was the first politician I actually met and he was such a nice and genuine guy!

Richard Simmons (American Fitness Instructor): I had a friend that knew him, so when we were out in Vegas for a convention my friend said he would introduce him to me. OMG! Richard was so nice, funny and the energy he possessed (wow).

Brad Pitt (Actor): Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet him but how I acquired an autograph picture is funny. Don’t recall how it came about but the guy that was running my fan club back in the day knew Brad, apparently they were roommates at one time. One day he was going to visit Brad on a set and said, “Autograph a picture for me to give it to him, I said okay.” The following day he came over to my home and said that Brad loved the picture and he sent him back to me with an autograph of him. Man, that’s one actor I would of loved to meet!

Quentin Heggs “Q” (Comedian/MC at Dangerfields): I had met Quentin in some city at a club. He was super nice and we exchanged contact information and tried to stay in touch as much as we could. When I would come into his town we would for the most part get together and hang out (Sorry Q if my story telling is off… my memory isn’t like it use to be). It was years that past until I became a flight attendant and had an overnight in New York when I got to see him again. That was probably like two years ago now. He met me at my hotel and we took a taxi to this pub and had something to eat and drink. After that he wanted to show me Dangerfields club were he MC’d at and did shows there as well. We ended up having another drink, he got me to get on stage to take a picture which was really cool. However, I was a bit shy. I think he teased me about how I could get in front of passengers and speak but was shy about getting on stage (there were a few people already there because a show was starting soon). I just looked at him and smiled. I don’t really go out to the East Coast anymore especially since I’ve moved to Vegas. Although I so need to go back out there one of these days and see him again… I miss my friend!

George Lopez (Actor): In 2017 I was based in Chicago and on one of my trips I was flying into San Jose. I usually fly C position but this trip I was flying B (which the flight attendant that is in the back of the aircraft). As people were boarding I saw this commotion going on up front, I wasn’t sure what it was but it was nothing to be alarmed about. During the flight I had asked the C flight attendant about what was going on during boarding. She had showed me her phone and said that George Lopez and his entourage was getting on the plane along with D.L. Hughley. They were heading to San Jose to do the ???? show and George was the MC. She had told me D.L. was sitting in the front row and George took a seat in the exit row. I remember her saying that during our Safety Demo that D.L. was up in front hand gesturing as if he was throwing out bills to her and saying, “Double D’s Double D’s”. She said she leaned into him and said, “Sir, there are children behind you”. Then she showed me a picture of her and George, I said that was cool. She told me I should go get a picture with him and I told her I usually don’t like to pester celebrities. Then she made a good point, she said if I don’t go pester him then I’ll miss out on a picture. So I decided what the hell, I’m going to go get a picture with him. I walked up to the exit row and said, “I was told if I sat on your lap (the guy in the middle) that I could get a picture with you (George). They started laughing and said, “Sure!” As I was making my way into the exit row I said, “Who’s going to take the picture?” The guy on the aisle was like, “I’ll do it!” So as I’m sitting on the guy in the middles lap and leaning onto George, we took the picture and George was like, “I like this girl.” I’m glad I listened to my crew member, I could of passed up a funny and awesome moment! As we got to San Jose we saw George and his people going into one of the restaurants and his manager came up to us and invited us to the show that night. He gave us five passes for our whole crew to go. By the time we got to the hotel, the male flight attendant didn’t want to go with us, the pilots said they had an early lobby time the next morning and her and I found us to be going by ourselves. However, my crew member looked at the flight attendant check-in sheet and we found three crew members from Atlanta we invited and were more than willingly to go with us. It was a short overnight but a once in a lifetime event. One of us paid for Uber to the event, another paid for the Uber back to the hotel. And the others were buying us all drinks and munchies. We all had such a great time and it was one of my best overnights!!!

Dana Plato (Actress/Different Strokes): I had met her at a convention in Las Vegas. There isn’t much of my story about meeting her except I felt bad for her. She was signing pictures at this little booth and she seemed a little off, not crazy but lonely. I remember not too long after meeting her I saw on T.V. that she had died of a drug overdose. I was so disheartened by that because as an Empath I could feel that something wasn’t right in her life. She was a really nice person too, RIP Dana.

George Clinton “Atomic Dog” (Musician): This was years ago, don’t even remember what year but do remember it was when I was flying to Los Angeles. I faintly recall him boarding on the plane because you had to do a double head turn at all of his color he was wearing. Somehow we struck up a conversation while waiting at the baggage claim carousel. I told him what I did and he told me what he did then the next thing you know, we were exchanging autographs! I have to be honest, I didn’t really know who he was until I looked him up later that day. It was pretty cool to have met him and he was such a sweet guy!

Some of the pictures are signed to Debbie, Lynne and Tera… it’s all me. I use to go by my middle name, Lynne for awhile. The other name, I’ll explain later.

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