Update ~ Dec 23, 2019

Good evening everyone!

I had posted this on my Facebook page (Oneheart Flygirl) but I felt compelled to put it on my blog page. I hope you enjoy the read!

So when this video came on, I really tried to listen attentively to it while relaxing in my bathtub. However, sometimes when I read or listen to things relating to mental health, psychology or positive motivational stuff… it gets a bit confusing for me. Maybe it’s all the big jargon lingo.
As I was listen to this video it reminded me of this year when I was at one of my sessions with my therapist. We were discussing how I was still having issues with my father’s suicide and how I was getting out of control with my depression. I told my therapist I forgave my father, it may have taken awhile to understand it all but I had moved on from that event and let him go. Well apparently I subconsciously hadn’t.
I was telling her I would get him a Father’s Day and Birthday card each year since his passing in 2006, my reasoning to her was that it was just my way of letting him know that I was thinking of him. But what really was going on and I didn’t realize until that moment… I was really feeling guilty and didn’t want to let him go. That by me getting him a card and writing in it on what I was feeling at that time was actually me being in denial. Denial that he ended his life, denial that I lost a father, denial that I will never see my best friend again and denial to myself of reality.
So my therapist told me that this year for his birthday (Aug), get a card but not for him, get one for myself. Or just not get a card at all and acknowledge his birthday with words to him. I did just that and it took this video and this moment to finally notice a peace of truly letting him go.
The moral of my story is that this video is absolutely true! If we just rewire our brains, stare fear in the face, except the unknown and be comfortable with change… then we can detach from those emotions that hold us back. From things like being truly happy and reaching our full potential that is just waiting around the corner for us!
I know I get these left field thoughts at times that can make you go… hm. But I hope this resonates with someone because I know it did with me. Enjoy the video! And yes, I’m crazy… getting an epiphany while I’m listening to a video on YouTube and taking a bubble bath.

2 thoughts on “Update ~ Dec 23, 2019

  1. Oh, I am so happy for you that you shared this!
    I am so happy that you found the peace you needed to get your father go!
    The video is great and I think it will help me as I am having a difficult time dealing with my sister’s death.
    I love your vision board!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, xo

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