Weekly Flygirl Fix ~ Jan 19, 2020


Hi everyone! Hope that you had a great weekend and for all of you sport fans, happy Football Sunday! I’m anxious to see who is going to the Superbowl. I originally thought it would be the Ravens vs 49’ers but now seeing the Titans come out of nowhere…. I’m not sure who it’s going to be. I’m still hoping for the 49’ers to make it through but I guess we’ll see today! For those of you off on Monday for MLK, enjoy an extra day off!

On the flip-side and not to sound like a broken record, once again my week has been slow since I’m now trying to recoup from my back ablation procedure. I did end up going to the doctor a few days ago and he put me on a steroid pack and gave me some muscle relaxers in hopes that I would find some relief. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

This year hasn’t really played out on how I hoped it would start out. I haven’t worked at all this year, instead, the Universe has given me a plethora of little challenges to face. On one hand I don’t mind because I feel there is a teaching in everything but on the other hand I’m just anxious to get back to work and being able to do some normal activities without pain and discomfort.

If you haven’t noticed in the picture with this blog… I’ve gained like 15 lbs. With the passing of the holidays, quitting smoking (almost 6 months now) and not being active/work because of my back… I’ve become a chunky monkey (laughing). I haven’t weighed this much since I was pregnant 28 years ago! Although it doesn’t bother me too much because I know when I get to feeling better I can shed it off. It’s not the vanity of the extra weight but how it makes me feel sluggish. Not to mention it’s not great on my back issues. I know some of you might be thinking it’s only 15 lbs. But that much weight for me does effect my neck and back… there is a reason I try and stay skinny. Not to mention, it makes it easier for me to walk down the isle of the plane without getting elbowed by passengers (laughing). Bottom line, physical is barely nothing than the mental stress I’ve been dealing with. Like I said, I can easily lose the pounds but when you are not old enough to not be active in normal activities or do a job that you love to do… it mentally can torture you. So I’ve been really trying to focus on the positive during this longer than expected “down time.” Some days are better than others and some days… well, let’s just say it could always be worse. I’m really hoping to get back to feeling like me and catching up with my social networks, doing my normal activities and getting back to work. Which brings me to all of you out there on my social media pages…….

Even though I don’t answer any DMs on my Facebook or Instagram… I do read everything and want to thank everyone for the well wishes sent via DMs or on my walls. I appreciate all of you for the love and support! I can’t help to be grateful enough to those of you who make me smile and keeping me moving forward. Thanks!

On another note, as soon as I start feeling better I will be doing another live chat on Facebook and looking into doing a live chat on Instagram. I will make a post with plenty of time prior to doing the chat. I’m also thinking of possibly posting (weekly or bi-weekly) videos of me talking about whatever is on my mind and posting them to Facebook. Those are just some of the ideas I’ve been thinking about doing during this long down time. Plus it helps me keep my mind focused on positive things instead of getting into depression. However, until those thoughts transpire, for any of you who want to ask me a question about anything I blogged about in my life or want some advice or my opinion on something…. feel free to write me at: oneheartflygirl@yahoo.com. I always look forward to hearing from you!

Till next week… enjoy making beautiful and fun memories and appreciate every moment in this beautiful life! ❤

Hugz & Kisses,


6 thoughts on “Weekly Flygirl Fix ~ Jan 19, 2020

  1. Joe Pinto

    I am enjoying reading your posts.
    I am glad you are coming along but dont worry about the weight gain and being inactive. You are a beautiful person inside and out.
    Now if you were eating my food posts you be in trouble, lol
    Get well


  2. Anonymous

    Deb, you have inspired me so much about getting on from the past, and reaching out and grabbing the future and now. I do regret breaking some hearts, but it goes both ways, I just want to find a soulmate and great lover, but its hard to shake the single, player image I had in the 80’s and 90’s. I have to regain trust in others and myself, its so weird how much in common we have. I am in Chicago, but going back to New Orleans, I’m a chef, eccentric and non material,, I fit right in there!!! Love you, Wayne


    1. Hi Wayne,
      Thanks for your kind words, they mean so much to me and I appreciate you! I’m sure we all have broken someone’s heart along the way but that is life. We wouldn’t learn anything if we didn’t make mistakes. It’s continually making those mistakes that doesn’t help our self-growth. I’m sure you can shake that “single player” image… we all have several roles to play in our lives. We are lucky to pick which ones we want to play or strive to play for ones we haven’t yet. It’s a wonderful thing… choices! =) As far as trust, in my opinion… this world isn’t like it use to be. Meaning, I hardly see any morals or principles that I grew up around. You need to build that trust in you before anyone else… I believe that’s where we learn to truly love ourselves. Everything in our lives start with us. Every situation, how we perceive it, how we react to it, most importantly who we give control of it too. Everyone is on their own journey in life with a plethora of teachings. Some get caught up in a situation and never complete their journey and others don’t want to keep repeating their situation and keep moving forward in their journey. We just need to stay focused on ourselves, learn to keep an open-mind and reaching for that goal of our full-potential. This is how I believe we can inspire others to get unstuck from their situation… but then again, everyone has a time and season to move… or not. I wish you all the luck in New Orleans and in whatever you do!!! Much love to you, Debbie


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