Update March 16, 2020

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is well and taking precautions with this corona virus. It’s better to be safe than the imaginable. I know these times are scary but we need to stay positive and vigilant!

I’m still waiting on a new surgery date, yes I have cabin fever and the discomfort isn’t any better.. but I have furbabies to hang out with, and enough food/toiletries (alcohol) to get me through these crazy times!

I also want to mention how grateful I am for my boyfriend! I haven’t been that helpful in anything lately due to my back pain but my boyfriend has stepped up to the plate in taking care of me and our household!
He even went ahead and quarantined his mom and step-dad and has been running supplies to them.

His mother lives in a senior community and found out there are elderly people there that don’t have anyone to help them out. So he took it upon himself to have his mom give him a list of supplies they need, pick them up and deliver them to those in need. I am ever grateful for having a boyfriend who is kind, loving and a wonderful provider! Oh, did I mention he’s a little cray cray like me?!

Hang in there everyone, this too will pass.

Hugz & Kisses,


One thought on “Update March 16, 2020

  1. Wonderful you have such a great boyfriend!
    He sounds amazing!
    Scary times we are living in right now.
    Everything is shut down here in Denver but it’s for the best!
    I am just staying home and biding my time!
    Take good care Debbie xo


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