Happy Birthday, Dad ~ Aug 15, 2020

After over a week and a half I got tired of these symptoms not going away. Went to Urgent Care the other day and found out I had a sinus infection and bronchitis. The doctor also tested me for Covid-19 but don’t have those results yet.

Along with the tummy ache, coughing like crazy and restless nights… I decided to write my dad something for his birthday today. I’m not that great at poems but it’s what I felt in my heart to write.

I also want to say that when a girl loses her hero (my dad), years can go by and I still struggle with the loss. Especially not talking to him or being able to hug him. So… this is for you dad, Happy 78th birthday! ❤️

From the day I was born, I knew you would always be my hero. 👶❤️👨
Although you weren’t around as much as I would have wanted you too be, you always did provide for me. 👨‍👧🍼👕👖👟🍕🍭🧆🏡
I eventually realized you were gone so much because you were working hard to take care of me… because that’s what hero’s do. 🧰🛠
It wasn’t until I became an adult that I realized you and I might be a bit different but deep down inside we were alike. 💟 = 💟
You were the introvert and I was the extrovert, But at the end of the day we we’re the same, feeling alone and maybe a little lost. 😕🤷🏻‍♀️
Along my way in life I had learned that when you become someone’s hero, it’s okay to feel a little alone and lost. 👌😉
In my mind, I believe that a hero sometimes loses their way in life, especially when they’re looking out for someone else. 🎖💵 🏠
I mean isn’t that what happens when you become a hero? You put everyone ahead of you? ✅
And although some might say that you taking your life is not the quality of a hero… I beg to differ. ✋🏽🚫
I measure the meaning of a hero by the way they lived their life and how they treated others around them. 💞🙏
And you dad, you personified the meaning of a man and beyond measures treated people with kindness. 💯❤️
For all of that being said, you will always and forever be the definition of My Hero! 👨‍👧💯❤️🎖

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