Happy Birthday To Me

This past Sunday, Sept. 13th, was my birthday. And even though I didn’t do anything, it was sure memorable. I was originally suppose to go out of town with my boyfriend to Sedona and Prescott for some get-a-way time and a little hiking. However, I decided for us not to go because my back has been giving me problems and I’m still dealing with the sinus infection and bronchitis. Although all was not lost because the universe precisely orchestrated a memorable day for me.

My day started off a little late because the night before I was up till 4am with a terrible sinus headache. Eventually my furbaby Mylo and I got up around 11am. I did my daily routine of having coffee and then taking him for his walk. When I got back from the walk I noticed something on the counter from my boyfriend. It was a flower plant along with a card next to it. As I opened the card, money fell out of it and there was a really sweet note written inside. I’ll admit, it was a nice surprise.

Now at this point I was ready to have my second cup of coffee before I checked out my social media and phone. I was really surprised to see how many people called, texted and left me a voice message. Actually I was overwhelmed and touched because last years birthday was like crickets. The only fun thing about it was that I got to enjoy it in London.

I started with the voice messages. My mother sang happy birthday to me, it seems to have become a tradition between her and I. Then my girlfriend Yvonne left me a sweet birthday message which was nice to hear. But I think the funniest birthday voice message was from my friend Roger. He sang happy birthday to me with a Elvis type style/voice. He knows I love Elvis! Next was to tackle my text messages, once again, I was shocked to see how many text messages I received. And yes, still surprised of the difference from last year. So as you can tell so far, my birthday was off to a nice start!

Then it was time to check my Instagram and Facebook… coffee, dog walk, phone messages, social media… these are my daily routines anyway. But OMG! Over 400 birthday wishes posted on my wall and at least 50 direct messages! I also need to mention that I did a birthday fundraiser through Facebook. It was for the ASCPA and my goal was $300. I didn’t quite meet that goal but was thrilled to have received donations from friends that got me close, $220!

Now I’m going to be a little candid here. Lately I’ve been a little down in the dumps emotionally. Not to mention the lack of motivation from being sick. However, my uneventful day became an overwhelming emotional one. Why? Because all the love that was being sent to me made me forget about my problems. And every little thing presenting itself throughout that day, made my smile get bigger and bigger!

Later in the day my older sister texted me and said, “Your Doordash is on it’s way.” I love my sis but she’s out of control, in a good way. I’m really trying to watch my weight and she sends me a birthday treat from the Cheescake Factory! She does things like that and I wish she wouldn’t waste her money on me, but I do appreciate it and love her to death for making me smile! Now you would think after all this it couldn’t get any better… oh, but it did!

That afternoon the emergency vet called us. Allow me to backtrack a bit. Last week we had to put our cat Pawly down and they said we would get his ashes back in two weeks. However, they were calling us to tell us that the ashes came in that day. I immediately dropped everything and told my boyfriend I’m going to go pick our Pawly and bring him home. This was thee best gift of all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for all the love I was getting from everyone BUT this was the icing on the cake! I told my boyfriend that the universe couldn’t of planned it any better. I was missing Pawly so much and this to me was as if Pawly was saying, see mommy I’m not going to miss your birthday. I’m going to be there for you because you were there for me.

So at the end of the day, this years birthday was one of those that I will never forget. And although 52 may sound old to some, surely I don’t feel it… at least mentally I don’t! So to wrap this great day up… THANK YOU to all my family and friends for all the love you sent my way. And especially THANK YOU to the universe for mending my broken heart a little with such an amazing surprise!!!

Hugz & Kisses,


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