Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

Hi everyone and happy new year!

So here we are almost a week into the new year. I’m hoping that last year was just a glitch and we can try again for a better year. As I have optimistic hopes for our future, I can’t help but to reflect back at the past year.

Now I can go on and on with a list of negative things that 2020 gave us all. Whether we liked it or not. But I won’t. Instead, I would like to focus on some of the positive things that came out of 2020. Who knows. Maybe reflecting on those positives will open our eyes to the little things we found or for me personally, found again. And hopefully we can put those little things on top of our priority list in this coming year.

One of a few positive things I found again was being able to spend more time with my family and furbabies. Before this pandemic, I got so caught up in working that I didn’t allow myself to have time with family or my animals. I know my dog is puzzled why I’ve been home for the last year. But don’t let him fool you, he loves it! On another positive note regarding to last year; I enjoyed seeing the videos of people spending time with their furbabies and most of all, moms and dads getting to spend time with their families. Seeing videos of parents doing things with their kids was so heartwarming that it reminded me of my childhood in the 70’s. A time when you actually had both parents around to guide you, teach you manners, respect and especially kindness. Bottom line, we got to experience what family time use to be all about.

I think another positive thing in 2020 was the fact that I got to do a lot of catching up on my to do list. With life keeping me busy, my to do list extended further than needed be. And even though during my health issues last year, I slowly but surely got them accomplished. Then there’s the fact of catching up with my close friends. Sometimes we get so caught up in life that the people who really matter to us most become distant, obviously not by choice. So catching up with them made me feel like I was putting a pause on reality and just indulging in that happy moment of conversation with them. Let’s just say, it definitely was my serenity place during all the chaos last year.

I do also have to add that I did get plenty of me time. In between my five surgeries last year, I felt like sleeping beauty. More than enough sleep and rest than I needed! But hey, I can honestly say I am well rested for whatever this year may bring my way.

So you see, although 2020 is a year I would like to forget. And I’m sure there are a lot of you who agree with me. There are a few things which 2020 opened my eyes too and made me appreciative, be thankful for and reminded me not to waste one second of my life. Or as that saying goes, treat today like it’s your last because you never know if it will be.

I ’m looking forward to 2021 in hopes that we can regroup, get back to socializing, financially recoup, mentally recover and mend out hearts for those who we have lost. And most importantly, learn to be kind to one another again no matter how opposite we all are.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

  1. Richard Wyandt

    I appreciate your positivity Debbie! It’s timely for me. 2020 was a tough year, but like you said let it go, now it’s 2021.
    My first challenge is Covid-19. I contracted it just after Thanksgiving. December was really difficult. It is a tricky mean virus!! I remain in isolation. No fun at all.
    Good news is I’m finally beating it! Still on oxygen 24/7 and taking breathing treatments 4 times a day to open up my lungs. And still so much fatigue that sleeping seems to make me tired. But I’m feeling so much better now.
    Well I appreciate you and your messages.
    I hope you had time to read this. It is a bit wordy.
    Thank You


    1. Hi Richard! Thank you so much for reading my blog. It seems that everybody has had some kind of challenge last year. Just when you think you have it bad, someone else has it worse. We just need to keep that in our thoughts, try to stay positive and keep pushing through. I’m glad to hear you’re finally beating Covid. I’m sure it’s going to take time to fully recover but I wish you much health and a speedy recovery! Just remember, treat every day like it’s your last. I will keep you in my prayers. XO Debbie


  2. ridge675

    ok sorry for the totally irrelevant story, but I just need to tell you this lol: One night back in the 90s
    I came home after a night of drinking (I was still living at home w my mom) and, being the middle of the night, decided to discreetly watch some porn on the vcr in our family room before bed. At the time, you were at the top of my list and I was regularly fapping to your scene with peter north where you’re at a bar and he’s got white make-up on his face. I would always fast forward to the pop shot lol (surprise, surprise). Anyway, I was just getting down to business when I suddenly hear her coming down the hallway. I’m like oh shit and I have to pull my pants up AND stop the vcr in like just a few quick seconds. I quickly put my boner away, but the problem is that, since I was buzzed from drinking, I was accidentally hitting PAUSE on the vcr instead of STOP. I kept hitting the same button over and over and panicking like “WTF why isn’t it stopping??” By Mom turns the corner and the tv is PAUSED on a freeze frame of Peter North’s mammoth veiny cock filling the screen and she lets out a huge gasp, like “Huhhhhhhhhhh!?!?!?!?” and then, to make it worse, I had a box of tissues on the floor right next to me which i was going to… clean up with LOL!! She noticed it and let’s out a disgusted “Oh, my god…”. Omfg what fucked up night. You’re still one of my faves though even though I have to live with that awkward memory lol LOVE YOU xoxo thanks for sooooo many fun times hehe


      1. ridge675

        Hehe well, I’m so glad that I could at least put a smile on that beautiful face! Lord knows I’ve fantasized about putting a lot more than just smiles on there lolol 💦💦😏 you’ve obviously had quite an impact on a lot of people to still be so popular this long after retiring. It must be a very satisfying feeling! It’s amazing that you even responded to my silly comment and I’m all jittery with excitement lol! Now, where did I put those damn tissues…? 😅😍😘👏


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